Step 'In the Shadows' Friday night

Carrington Arts In the Shadow Promo

Carrington Arts celebrates new group exhibit with opening reception.

SANDUSKY — What’s by your side all day without saying a word or getting in your way?

If you said your shadow, then not only are you right, but you may want to further explore the notion at the Carrington Arts newest exhibit “In the Shadows.”

“I’ve always been fascinated by shadows and have had many ideas regarding them creatively,” gallery owner Marsha Gray Carrington said. “Shadows are everywhere we look, taking on many different qualities – from soft and subdued to exaggerated and contrast.

“Still, they are mostly overlooked. But for me this is a visual element that I notice in my everyday life. Because photography is one of my much-loved art forms, it forces me to see. So I thought it would be an interesting theme for a group show at Carrington Arts.”

Featuring painting, drawing, photography and assemblage, “In the Shadows” includes work by Carrington, David Sapp, Alayna Coverly, Stephen Tomasko, Dan Corrigan, Paul Jacklitch, Linda Kelley, Ave Pildas, Steve Kelley, Laura Hayes, R!ch Cihlar and Erik Anderson.

“Each show inspires me to invite different artists based on what they do and what fits that particular show,” Carrington said. “Paul Jacklitch creates dark atmospheric photographs by staging different iconic objects and lighting them in layers with a flashlight. His images are quite surreal and thought provoking.

“Artist Alayna Coverly was recommended as someone whose paintings I would appreciate as there were similarities to some of my own photography.”

Carrington feels as though she’s just scratched the surface regarding shadows. What has her excited to explore with the new exhibit was the notion of different artist interpretations.

“I felt each artist would bring something unique to the table, and more than not the unexpected,” Carrington said. “When we think of shadows, we mostly think of those that are cast on surfaces from people, animals and things in our environment.

“But there is also the psychological interpretation of shadows that creates a whole new dimension, as in being in the shadows or that other dark dimension.”

Kelley’s said her work, titled “Peter’s Tree,” which is included in this exhibit, reflects multiple perspectives on defining shadows.

“I have chosen to experiment with a variety of glazing techniques to coordinate each painting with its intended effect,” Kelley said. “‘Peter’s Tree’ emphasizes the idea of the extent of shadows. Their presence extends from what’s obvious to memories rooted to the distant past.”

When people leave the “In the Shadows” exhibit, Carrington hopes they think about the gallery’s mission.

“That Carrington Arts truly brings something positive and valuable to our community, and they spread the word about this place that is fun, enjoyable and stimulating,” Carrington said. “It’s also a great place to socialize and share. It is a place for art, a place for artists and a place to experience unique creative vision. 

“Right now, Sandusky is experiencing a rebirth of sorts in so many ways culturally. There are so many great and new things to do downtown, and it’s only growing. I am excited and fortunate to be a part of it.”

The opening reception of “In the Shadows” takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. June 9 at Carrington Arts,  231 W. Water St., Sandusky. Visit