10:16 PM Sep 20, 2014
Norwalk boys top Pirates 9-0, girls win 4-0
9:56 PM Sep 20, 2014
Clyde's Smith and Sewell win conference doubles title
9:19 PM Sep 20, 2014

When Cedar Point made the announcement that they would name a roller coaster after LeBron James if he returned to play for the Cavs, the first place that came to mind wasn’t a coaster, but the most obvious: Add the name “King James” on top of the park’s lost and found building.

8:18 PM Sep 20, 2014
Ferndock Brewing Co. selected by The Platform Beer Co. to participate in first ever class
8:09 PM Sep 20, 2014
Girl missing for over a week. Any information please contact 419-627-0824 Ext.5
7:57 PM Sep 20, 2014
Sandusky-based ThorSport Racing drivers sit 1-2 with six NASCAR Truck races left
7:36 PM Sep 20, 2014
The secret is in the shredded cheese
6:00 PM Sep 20, 2014
Latest breach affected 56 million debit and credit cards swiped at Home Depot stores
5:20 PM Sep 20, 2014
Some people on probation need inpatient treatment, judge says
4:05 PM Sep 20, 2014
Perkins Schools, cellphone company hashing out details of a possible agreement
2:30 PM Sep 20, 2014
Cedar Fair doesn't have to hire back former No. 2 executive, high court rules
1:45 PM Sep 20, 2014
Deputy who got trash-talked by sheriff after getting an agreement for a neutral job reference fires back
1:44 PM Sep 20, 2014
Local 3-year-old has Williams syndrome
1:00 PM Sep 20, 2014
Will Radcliff "had a bigger-than-life personality"
12:02 PM Sep 20, 2014

The idea that Libby Grant put forth in Thursday’s paper is ludicrous and nothing more than fear-based propaganda.

10:45 AM Sep 20, 2014

Pulling our troops out of Iraq too soon and the United States not being concerned enough about Syria, has lead to yet another terrorist group forming, named Isis.

10:00 AM Sep 20, 2014
Proposals would allow farmers to meet water quality standards more easily and to harvest crops sooner
9:19 AM Sep 20, 2014
King, queen and candy
8:50 AM Sep 20, 2014
Fundraiser to benefit the athetic department of five area schools
7:36 AM Sep 20, 2014
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