Attorneys mull jury selection process in Randleman trial

Attorneys are trying to figure out the best way to choose jurors as the trial date nears for the man accused of killing Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn.
Tom Jackson
Nov 10, 2011


Attorneys are trying to figure out the best way to choose jurors as the trial date nears for the man accused of killing Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn.

Kevin Randleman's trial is set for Jan. 23. Attorneys have to choose a jury from 800 registered voters whose names were selected in a special drawing last week.

Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh Tone said he's still aiming to maintain the Jan. 23 start date in the capital murder case. Randleman is accused of shooting and killing Dunn on March 19 when the officer stopped him for riding a bicycle without lights.

To read more about the jury selection process, pick up Thursday's Register.



Glad I voted.              Would like to serve as a juror.


That is going to be a tough trial, but one I would not mind being on the jury


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This whole process should have been over weeks ago. RIP Andy.

The Answer Person

I think they should get a jury of police officers and have them be both black and white...for fairness of course.


 This trial shouldn't be in the county and im sure the lawyers are going to try to move it from the reactions even here its creating


randleman i hope u get the death penalty RIP Andy


Why should it be moved out of the county??? Please answer that with enough persuasion and informative substance. He did this, he should have to answer to what he did, in the county in which he did it. None of his other crimes were moved out of the county...just like his previous murder. *oh i stand was self defense and he got off on that* So why this one???

And that complete sarcasm by the way.


Please select me for the jury!  I will give this individual a fair shake!  Here is a tip for all you liberals.  If the jury pool is FULL of liberals, from a liberal county, it will only take ONE to disagree with the other eleven.  Just ONE!  The prosecution and defense are TRYING to figure out HOW to choose a jury??  WHAT is the problem and WHY are they trying to "figure out" this common procedure?  I hope the prosecutor has not forgotten how to do it.  YOU need to take a hard look at yourselves and the demographics of the city and the county.  There are more members of the liberal freeloaders club of entitlement than you can ever imagine.  It just takes ONE.  What are the chances of "justice for all" in this trial?  "NOT guilty, you are FREE to go!"  Sound familiar?  When he is found NOT GUILTY, what is going to happen?  Will your FOP UNION police be reluctant to protect and serve because they will be so disgusted and nauseous at the people they SERVE who refused to support them?  I could not criticize them at all for that!  If found GUILTY and the supporters of Randleman take it to the streets, WHO must respond to restore order?  The SAME LE group, the people will be against, will respond.  How is that going to work?  A football coach got fired and the students took it to the streets.  I guess for our culture, it doesn't take much.  Hey, UNION FOP members, I suggest going to Cedar Point to practice and review your inventory.  There is only a pittance of comments compared to March of last year.  The "moderators" could NOT keep up with the explosion of RACIST and HATE comments from everyone.  Where are all those pillars of society now?  Just wait for this trial and they will ALL be back.  How is that liberal paradise, "hope and change you can believe in" working out for you?  You liberals get what you DESERVE and VOTE for.  I KNOW you will BLAME someone or something else.  It MUST be the BLAME of Bush!  Ha! Ha!


@ Taxpayer

You answered your own question...

Would the prosecutors agree to select 12 jurors who might find not find Randleman GUILTY?  Will the defense not try to find ONE juror who might deadlock a unanimous decision?  That is how you CHOOSE a jury.  Certainly, in a "liberal paradise" as this, you want them to take their time and choose wisely.   



Hey Taxpayer,

Thanks again for your YES Vote on Issue 2. How did that work out for you? LOL. Looks like I will be able to collectively bargain for a nice fat raise next summer. Keep paying your taxes. From you account to my wallet! I love how he thinks capitalizing words make it that much better or a statement! Here is one for you. GO WORK ANOTHER JOB AND PAY YOUR TAXES! I have 2 brand new cars and a nice big house to pay off! Not to mention my summer lake house.

ReallyGood ears are really beginning to hurt. Why are you always yelling?!?!?!

Julie R.

Taxpayer keeps blaming the jury for everything but just look at the long records some people have. How are they still on the streets with records like that? I would have to say it's the fault of the judicial system. The SPD keep arresting the same people over and over and the courts keep turning around and letting them right back out. Randleman's record was horrendous. Not even considering they knew he already murdered one person and got away with it, the rest of his record alone should have shown them he was a very real danger to society.  


It's already a given that the defense will try to pull the whole "this defendant is mentally disabled". By the looks of this photo, he seems to be playing it well.


Take the CCW list the Register so loves to print and select 12 people from it.  I'm sure they'll be impartial!


 Erie County needs a better prosecutor or all will be plead down anyways..Want to get your hands slapped, do it in Erie County! 

REALLY so unreal

 even if u split the jury half white and half black they will be in a 50/50 dead lock its bs with this kind of times we live in now... just sayin being that it should be an open and shut case thats y they have dash cams and mics and with csi knowing how andy got shot would even say it all.



Now!   Go back to the late 70's with the shooting of 2 men outside of the Murschel House. One died the other shot and survived. Once they found the shooter down south and tried back here........he walked.


we could make the jury even with the MINSTREL EFFECT!


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will the dash cams and mics be used as evidence?


This POOR EXCUSE of a human is wasting the money of the hard working people of this county. His attorneys should run and hide for representing this dirt bag..

Woody Hayes


I Judge you

I know many of you consider my son the taxpayer boy not to be to bright, but please be easy on him. I made him take down the life size poster of Kevin Randelman about a 2 months ago, last week I found it hid in his closet with what appears to be kisses all over it. We all know that if one juror votes not guilty and the rest vote guilty its a mistrial, which means a new trial and not a not guilty verdict.


if they have randleman on film ...... how can that be just an accusation of murder?

I Judge you

Frizz, you are accused of or charged with a crime first, then you are either found guilty or not guilty at the end of the trial.

REALLY so unreal

 most likely the defence will try like hell to not have dash cam and audio in the trial!

REALLY so unreal

 @fun4all wish there was a like button lol


He looks like Danny Glover


I think they should show the dash cam......then it will be a open and shut case!