Cruise to nowhere

Thumbs down - to the Perkins police officer who left a
Sandusky Register Staff
May 9, 2010


 Thumbs down — to the Perkins police officer who left a suspect alone in the back of his cruiser, with easy access to the keys — and more importantly, to the apparent lack of policies that leaves the department saying, in effect, "not that there’s anything wrong with that."

    The suspect cruised off with the cruiser and, in a fine display of regionalism, came into town and parked on the ground floor of a city apartment building. Fortunately, no one was hurt, though some faces are rightly red.

    As one contributor to our online forum pointed out, cruisers are built with a way to keep the folks in the back from getting to the keys — and even more dangerous objects, such as, oh, the guns — in the front seat. The officer violated no procedures, Chief McClung? You need new procedures.

    Thumbs up to the Thorbahn family of Crimson Lanes Farms near Vickery. The Thorbahns took about 100 cows left homeless by the fire that devastated the Hermes Dairy Farm family of Perkins Township. Farms are businesses, and business compete, but farm life is defined bycooperation. Knowing we’re all in this together, the Thorbahns show us just what that means.

    Thumbs up to the free maps from the Erie County Engineer’s office. This is a great deal for taxpayers who funded it. They are offering completely up-to-date maps at no charge to citizens and for minimal expense to those from out of town. It is easy to find places you always go, but good maps are vital for out-of the way locations, new developments and visitors. Bravo for making this free and easy. Get yours now.

    Thumbs up to all those who helped raise funds in the duck derby, especially Kalahari. We would just ask that Kalahari make it a little easier on those trying to use their complimentary passes. Very limited times for people to use the passes gained by purchasing one of the ducks in the derby last year made it difficult, and in at least one case that we know of, impossible for someone to use

    And a bemused thumbs up to the folks who took a shivery dip in Lake Erie last weekend to raise money for the Special Olympics. Are y’all nuts? That lake’s cold. But your hearts are warm.