Unemployment up in Erie, Huron counties

The recovery from the recession hit a bump in the road in July.
Tom Jackson
Aug 24, 2011


The recovery from the recession hit a bump in the road in July.

Unemployment rose a bit in Erie and Huron counties, and also across Ohio, according to new figures from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The agency reported Tuesday that unemployment in Erie County rose from 7.7 percent in June to 8.1 percent in July. That’s still better than the 9.2 percent recorded in July 2010.


Local unemployment rates

County                      July                      June                July 2010
Erie                            8.1                        7.7                    9.2
Huron                        12.7                      11.6                  11.9
Ottawa                       9.7                        9.8                   10.8
Sandusky                    9.4                        8.7                    9.5
Seneca                      10.2                       10.0                 11.1



 Routh Packing is hiring. Contact westaff hiring agency. Union job good benifits. They can't get enough people no matter what they do, these unemployment numbers are nonsense. I know they have a bad reputation but there are 225 union employees that have no problem working there. 


Why should people go to work BaconMan when they can get 99 weeks of unemployment?

A painting contractor I know cannot find people. He tries, pays pretty good, has bennies, but no one wants to work. He actually got told by a guy he knows is not working that he wasn't going to take a job in the summer when he can enjoy the weather and collect a check

Gotta love it!


Pete is right. Those benefits have people not even looking for work. Some of them I know too. The other thing, half of them can't pass a pee test and they know it. So the government pays them to stay home and stay wasted. Go figure.


The contractor I know is p$&&ed! He has to turn away work all the time.

He told me "I weathered the down turn, just barely, but I managed to keep the doors open. Now that my phone is ringing, I have to tell people "no" all the time. I need this business to replenish my savings and retirement I put in here to keep this place going. How can I do that when people refuse to work?"


To borrow the words of Taxpayer, I call BS on that story, but it sounds good to make the libruls look bad.


Fine. Call BS

But then ask the guy who obviously is trying to get people to come to work at Routh if his is BS too

And Libtards don't need my help to look bad. They do that enough on their own


Sorry to burst your stereotype bubble but those receiving public assistance are not predominately drug addicts. Look at Florida where they instituted drug testing for welfare recipients, 2% were found to be using illegal substances while 8% of the general population does so. The testing didn't uncover enough violators to justify the cost of testing. The vast majority of those out of work are decent hardworking people who find themselves out of step with today's job market. The work they did is no longer being done and they don't have the skills for the jobs of today. It's hard to convince a 55 or 60 year old to go back to school to learn engineering. And a minimum wage job that doesn't pay for the gas to get to work isn't really an option either. if you want to pick on someone, why don't you demonize the Rupert Murdochs and Koch brothers of the world. Billionaires who manipulate public opinion to protect the advantages of the elite. By creating windmills upon which to tilt, they have convinced large numbers to support policies which are clearly not serving their own best interests. The art of propaganda is alive and well. If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth.


Pete...I am an experienced painter/contractor/carpenter/ home designer, 59 years old, physically able, high quality minded with great work ethics and could use some extra income right now. Can you pass back to me who this painting contractor is? 

Ps. I am serious.


I will see him this weekend I hope. I will try and email you through the site. Do the same back. See if it works


 There are and have been places to work in Erie County. There is a manufacturing plant in Huron who can't get enough employees. Medical benefits and plenty of possibility of advancement. But, it's work. 

Why work when you can get 99 weeks of unemployment  (vacation) then work a couple weeks and get another 99 weeks of vacation. Then start the process over again and again. Work the system baby!

Some people don't even work a full day and then go apply for unemployment again.  The sad part is they get it.

The system is broken and needs to be fixed. 

This entitlement is a livelyhood in itself. Unemployment was developed as a stop gap for those who needed assistance. Now, it's a job. A government supported job without work. And guess what? you don't have to pass a drug test to get this job. 

We don't need anymore of these jobs. 

The Answer Person

With all of the positive future-looking work done by the Sandusky City Commission and all of their local "podium mouthpieces", there should be no lack of opportunity and employment in Sandusky and the immediate surroudning area.


 @ Pete.... Please post this contractors' name.. I know SEVERAL experienced people looking for work!  If you/he are serious, then there should be no problem posting contractor/business....HeY..FREE ADVERTISING!!   Also..@ Bacon man...Thanks for the 'heads up'!!  I know a couple guys that will be down a Routh's this week...They are already working, but not making what Routh's pays.. Thanks!


I will PM the name if you want me to. But I am also going to talk to him first

No offense, but with all the liberal wacko's running around this place, last thing I need is a few of them tracing it back to me, or harassing his business because we know each other

Julie R.

An article a couple of weeks ago said homes in Erie County are selling like crazy --- yet now this article says unemployment is up again in Erie County. Go figure.


I find it hard to believe that "everyone" receiving unemployment benefits really wants to do that vs working at a job and possible benefits. I find it equally hard to believe that all those who are unemployed fine it a wonderful paid vacation from the government.

I agree with the statements that "some" use the system and know how to use the system to not work but I feel those are in the minority. Most Americans are hard working and want to succeed and do best for their ramilies. I am not wiliing because I do know a few people who use the system to say that all who are on unemployment benefits are lazy and just plain bums. Just don't buy that statement even those some politicians want me to buy it "lock, stock and barrel,"


Unemployment is up because in upper ohio most have worked a automanufacturing job or the like making 50-65,000$ a year. They can always work flipping hamburgers for 7 buck a hour or sit back and get the same amount from unemployment. Easy choice there, Some that i know look for under the table work to supplement there unemployment benifits to just pay the bills. Untill we actually have good paying jobs in this area alot of folks will continue to play this game. Plus the younger generation has alot to do with these numbers (their unemployment rates are always higher).

On a higher note the CBO projections came out this morning and said the unemployment rate will not improve much for the next 3 years!! Woohoo!! Alot of good all these measures are doing.


So please prepare for more of this in the future, Have a good day!!


Honestly, unemployment is up because people don't want to work.  Everyone keeps using the same talking points that nothing is working from the government to  help with job creation - the fact is that there are jobs and people can work - some don't want to.  The comments here have already shown there are jobs.  One ofthe biggest things standing in the way of the "younger generation" obtaining work is drug use.  If you can't pass the drug tests you won't get the job no matter how many jobs are available.

Want unemployment "numbers" to go down - eliminate the drugs.  Or, randomly test unemployment and welfare recipients.  There are jobs to be had - you have to want them bad enough to get off the drugs and work the jobs.  As long as unemployment stays high - some employers will also cut back on help because of the cost of their unemployment insurance.  They don't want to hire people that won't work and results in high turn-around for the very same reason.

it's still more the worker's faults than the government's.



unemployment is up because people don't want to work.

Where to begin?

Let's start with "the high price of free trade", NAFTA.  The United States has lost AT LEAST 32% of it's manufacturing jobs since 2001. Some estimates are as high as 5 million jobs.

NAFTA = collusion among government, the FED and corporations to undermine the economic viability of this country.

Wake up.


if i was young ... i would skidoo this popsicle stand and go where the jobs are ...... ANYWHERE!


You would move to China??? LMAO


Mr. Jackson should be a stand-up comic, recovery from a recession??? ROFLMAO !!!



lucky for all of those that are unemployed prez obumbles will be announcing shortly a "new" plan that will create jobs for everyone!  yippie!

oh thank you messiah.



The recovery from the recession

Are you daft, man? Who are you trying to convince? There's no recovery.


The majority of unemployed workers right now want to work.  There are not enough jobs for the amount of unemployed workers.....just plain and simple. 

I get up every morning at 6:00 am, and start looking on line...e-mail out resumes...mail out resumes...then take a shower and get ready for an interview that 15 or more people  have the same "glimmer of hope" that I have.

For those of you that are still employed....I wish you the best.  For at a moments notice...like the rest of us, that to could be taken away from you.  Hopefully you will never have to lay awake wondering how you are going to pay your bills and put food on the table living off that BIG unemployment check. 

For those of you that were fortunate enough to retire before this crisis in our economy...I wish you the best.  Hopefully your nest egg will not fly the coop compliments of the government.

Whatever your position is right now.....just remember....in a moments notice.......it can all be taken away from you....no one is "safe" in this so called game anymore.


Shame that Cedar Point has such low paying jobs.


Pete did not Routh have a high turnover before the times got tough?    What's  gonna happen whe SSI gets cut/eliminated?        This country has been in trouble for some time & it  is going to get much worse   unless some big events occur.        imo  one world $$/government will be ushered in.

Kottage Kat


If we get Lesch and Obama, all we can pray for is the Rapture.


 Routh packing a few years ago had a high turnover because they were able to be selective in who they kept for the union. Now just about anybody who shows up for the job can work there as long as they want. This is the issue. People do not want to work, and i don't blame them. When the government will just give out free money for years, why would you bust your butt and work for a living. The system is broken. 

6079 Smith W

@ KK:

IMO, those who place their fate and faith in the hands of politicians tend to receive and/or deserve the myth of the Rapture or worse.

You remind me: A very strange but "worth-a-watch" movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102757/

On pins and needles just waiting to hear Mr. Obama's 200th jobs plan. How on Earth did the U.S. (and the world) ever get along without this economic and fiscal "genius"?



This was stated way before elections by me.   Wars cost a LOT of $$$.  There was a reason most combat troopers voted Obama too.      Regardless I   said   stated when the rent came due on the war debt, woe to US.