Negligent property owners cost city $86,000

Sandusky-area property owners abandoning property, bilking residents causes loss of taxpayer funds
Andy Ouriel
Aug 25, 2014

Sandusky officials pushed forward to try and recover taxpayer dollars spent on cleaning up two private properties doubling as public nuisances.

On Monday, city commissioners voted 7-0 to place liens on both the Hoppers mobile home park and Wisteria Farms properties.

The liens in total cost $86,000.

There's no guarantee, however, city officials can even recoup these funds.

These negligent property owners — who either abandoned, neglected or personally compromised their land by effectively stealing money from residents — either:

• Must pay the lien in full, an unlikely scenario.

• Sell their land to someone willing to purchase the property plus all outstanding debts, including a lien, on these properties.

"It's unfortunate that the only way that our city has to recoup the thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours on these situations is by doing this," commissioner Dick Brady said. "We have to sit back and hope a person comes along or an interested party pays enough money for this land so we can be made whole again."



This guy that owned Hoppers mobile home park is a "train wreck." He took the renters by not paying the water bill after they had paid him for the bill, he cost Erie County in trying him in court, he has taken Erie County by us feeding and housing him while he sits in jail, you name it and he just sucks off the tax dollars of law abiding and tax paying residents here in Erie County.

Problem is he is just one and there is a whole slew of others just like him who have or waiting to suck off the Erie County tax payers.


Shame on Joe Yost and Marilyn Prieur, the owners of the properties. Scummy people. Slumlords.

Julie R.

Shame on your public officials, too, for allowing scum attorneys to commit fraud on property causing defects in the title so your Erie County courts can sell the properties at scam sheriff sales to realtors to use as rental property .......... as if there isn't enough rental properties already in Erie County.

The Big Dog's back

Capitalism at it's finest.


Capitalism, like socialism, is far from a perfect system; as both being products of mankind have bad apples. If you agree to not judge capitalism by Wisteria Farms, I will agree to not judge socialism by the welfare cheats.

The Big Dog's back

I'm judging Capitalism for what it has done to our country today, not 1970.


LMAO, how do you function? You have to be the most confused person on town!

Ralph J.

How can Hoppers trailer park have a 2513 Hayes Ave address? Is this another way of letting Joe off the hook on a technicality? Also check out Prieur's Erie County Auditor parcel records.
Why did Wisteria Farms go out of business? What is the meaning of "politics" in the story?
"Once upon a time in Sandusky the Wisteria Hill Cookie Factory employed 145 people with a living wage and stood to gain full market control in the state of Ohio amidst a nationwide takeover of small businesses. In this week’s “On The Wire” podcast, listen to how a multimillion dollar industry was forced to close its doors after politics and big box stores helped dismantle two decades of success while banks refused to finance a simple re-structure of the industry."


Crony capitalism, practiced at every level of our corrupt government.


As much as I hate to say it. Right on Sugar.