Woman calls 911; man faces charges

He allegedly punched through a Pierce Street window Monday morning, injuring a woman who was standing behind the glass
Aug 25, 2014


Felonious assault and domestic violence warrants have now been issued for Marcus McCray, 31, of the 4900 block of Columbus Ave.

The mother of McCray's child called police around 12:30 a.m. to report McCray trying to break into her home, according to a Sandusky police report.

By the time paramedics and police arrived, McCray had already fled the area.

The woman told police that McCray came to her home, looking for some of his belongings. When the woman told him she didn't have his things, she told him to leave and locked the door.

McCray allegedly began pounding on a front window. He later shattered the same window as she stood in front of it, causing deep cuts in her hand that ultimately required stitches, the report said.

The woman told police that some of the glass shards almost struck her children, who were nearby at the time.

Officers will arrest McCray on the charges as soon as he's located. 



Headline says CHILD calls 911. Story says the MOTHER of McCray's child called police. Which is it? Can I PLEASE get a job proof reading for this paper???


Let's try to figure this out......maybe child did call 911? The article says mom called police. Maybe that was at the regular police number? So, maybe both called? It is a quandary!
Did we reach deadline time at the SR?

Courtney Astolfi

I'm not sure where the "child" reference came from. I wrote the brief, but not the headline. To clarify: there was no child involved in calling 911. There was a child nearby when the glass shattered, according to the woman.


^^^^^Why ? So you can make just over minimum wage ? This rag is where college grads get their start with Wizard Matt as their fearless leader !


I wish they had jobs for proofreaders at newspapers but unfortunately most of them don't care if there are mistakes. Used to work for a couple of papers in the past (not SR) and they acted like I had a lot of nerve correcting the errors.