Auditor candidate at meet-greet

Supporters to gather Monday at Chet & Matt's
Aug 21, 2014


Diane Schaefer, the Democrat challenging incumbent Republican Rick Jeffrey in the Erie County auditor's race plans a fundraiser from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Monday at Chet & Matt's, 1013 E. Strub Road.

 This is the first run for county office for Schaefer, the former long-time Perkins Township fiscal officer . 

Jeffrey is completing his first term after defeating former auditor Tom Paul in 2010. 




Big spending, public sector union supporter, liberal. She'll tax and spend her way to happiness, she and her public sector union buddies will live great, retire young, than go back for a double dip. All the while the rest of us are desperately trying to put a few pennies aside so we don't starve when we're elderly.

Erie County Resident

Exactly why the people of Perkins Twp voted her out.
So why would we want to place her in an even bigger location to do even more damage?
A NO vote here for sure.

pigeon farmer

It is time to gather at the gazebo and prey to Sarah Palin for help.


It's pray, not prey and unlike the democrat party and libs in general, Conservatives make no gods from politicians.
We don't sing songs to them, nor do we have our children do that. ( Barack Hussein Obama mmmm, mmmm, mmmm) google it, it's funny as he**. We don't believe in silly slogans and rhetoric (hope and change). We don't erect Greek column around pols. We expect results, we look at outcomes.
I can see why you might think we would do such a thing "prey to Palin", it's just a Normal activity for Dems to look for a savior.

Erie County Resident

Very well said sugar.
I think the pigeon droppings have eaten into farmers brain.


Palin? You all can't be serious.