FitzGerald vists Sandusky

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Angela Wilhelm
Aug 18, 2014

Ed FitzGerald, the democratic candidate for governor of Ohio, spoke at the UAW Local 913 in Sandusky Monday.



Hopefully union members vote the best candidate. It's sad most of them do no research and just vote they way the union tells them to.


Exactly. It seems like people vote based on what party they think they are. It's not a football team, it's your government.


I wonder if FitzGerald said anything about his campaign staff quitting on him? Kind of hard to campaign for this guy if you want to be taken seriously.

The Big Dog's back

Hopefully right wingers vote for the best candidate, not just the one with a "R" next to his name.


How did he get there with no drivers license, did his mommy drive him?


He is a Democratic... He used public transportation!

The New World Czar

The train wreck continues...

just observing

What parking lot is reserved for 4:30AM and who has the GPS that needs his help?


Which has hurt Ohio more? Fitzgerald, by not having a driver's license? Or Kasich, who STILL is a job killer for Ohio?

In July, Ohio lost 3900 manufacturing jobs, 12,400 other Ohioans lost jobs, and 6000 other long-term unemployed Ohioans stopped looking for work. Our labor rate is now below the national average, and thanks to Kasich, Ohio continues to go in the opposite direction of the rest of the country.

It's time for a change. Governors and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason.

Diane Schaefer

I agree - What is worse? Here are a few things worse

- The loss of funding to public schools in favor of charter schools.

- The loss of funding to local governments by using local government funds to balance the State's budget.

- The attempt to limit our right to work and to bargain for a fair wage (SB5)

- The violation of our civil rights whether by limiting the access to voting, women's rights, minority rights, etc.

All things enacted or attempted to be enacted from day one by Governor Kasich.

just observing

What's worse, the largest deficient in Ohio history from one term Teddy Strickland or the surplus of today with a lower income tax rate for the workers of Ohio. Local officals want increased home rule except when it come to handouts from the state and federal goverment to allow them to overspend, where do they think that comes from, answer the hard working taxpayers. Lose of voters rights, give one example, one month prior and easy mail voting are offered, other than the democrapper motto of vote early and often give an example. Always love dems who call for "choice" for women but fight against choice for parents to pick the best schools. The lose of SB5 that allows the public employees higher wages and better benefits that the working taxpayers who fund them. a similar law is working in Wisconsin. Funny how only the public sector unions are still maintaing members.

The Big Dog's back

Good lord, if Fitzgerald had the kind of showing kassick's had, the right wingnuts would be calling for his head. As long as he a "R" behind his name he can do no wrong. I could even see you right wingers voting for an Independent. johnny boy is just bad news.

The New World Czar

Uh, duh...didn't Strickland try to use stimulus money to balance the budget?

The goal of the public school system is to educate students and not finance teachers unions.

just observing

Might want to check your facts,


So now you want to talk about the labor participation rate? LMAO. OK, it is at an all time low nationally. Since it's now Kasich fault in Ohio, I guess you can now admit that it is Obama's fault nationally. Oh, and you can't blame it on Bush unless you apply the same logic to Ohio, then it would have to be Strickland's fault. Good day.

Licorice Schtick

Kasich get little or the credit or the blame. The same for Obama. But Kasich is in fact anti-union, anti-worker in belief and action.


Who drove him?


Why even waste the gas money? You spoke to a captive audience of what 30? BFD!

The Answer Person

Would have gone if there had been some sort of notice in the Register...

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I was going to after hearing about it earlier from a member, but didn't know tickets were pre-purchase only. So I'm glad I checked their website to make sure before I headed out there else I would have been turned away. I suppose there's always next time.

Diane Schaefer

The pre-sale of tickets was for the dinner only. I don't think you would have been turned away to hear FitzGerald speak.

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The Hero Zone

Ah, boo. Well I missed out then. Thanks for the heads-up anyway!

Pterocarya frax...

Your Prius would have been towed from the parking lot anyway.

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The Hero Zone

That would have been unfortunate. Why do you suspect that would happen?

Pterocarya frax...

Look at the sign at the entrance of the parking lot.

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The Hero Zone

All it says is that there are KBI meetings on the 19th and there's a red Rolls in the parking lot as of this reply. What did the sign say?

just observing

State party is pulling funds from him and diverting it to other statewide candidates as the fear of him pulling the slate down with him, thanks to Chris Redfern for this candidate.


There was a notice posted in the Register from the Erie County Democratic Women's Group.


Why always speak at a union hall? Why not at a Rotary or Kiwanis meeting, at the gazebo, a local school auditorium? It doesn't matter which candidate.