Police to increase patrols at Shoreline Park

Chief Orzech responds to vacationer’s report of daylight drug deals
Andy Ouriel
Aug 18, 2014



Sandusky police commanders vowed to step up patrols in a popular park after a vacationing family saw two drug deals occurring from there in broad daylight.

“I have lived in Pittsburgh, Pa., my entire life and have never witnessed such brazen criminal activity,” Mike Valeriano told the Register as his family tried enjoying a picnic lunch at Shoreline Park on a recent day. “It was so uncomfortable for my family that we decided to leave Sandusky early. The drug dealer looked at my family like we were interrupting at his office.”

The Register relayed these concerns to Sandusky police Chief John Orzech, who took them to heart.

Orzech said neither he nor detectives knew about drug deals emanating from Shoreline Park in downtown Sandusky by Battery Park Marina.

“Mr. Valeriano brought forth information that we are unaware of, as we’ve had no prior drug intelligence information at the Shoreline Park area,” Orzech said. “Shoreline Park is an area of our community that we regularly patrol. We will continue to strive to address complaints of criminal activity. This will only increase our patrol efforts in this area so that our visitors can enjoy their visit to our parks and recreation areas.”

Since June, police officers have responded to dozens of calls — mostly for trespassing and open container complaints — for suspicious activity in Shoreline Park.

Valeriano hopes Orzech follows through on his promise for extra patrols around this park.

The police department “needs to crack down on such public illegal activity if Sandusky wants to attract tourists,” Valeriano said. “I cannot recommend downtown Sandusky to my friends and family after such an uncomfortable visit."



No surprises here...

Sandusky is CRAWLING with lowlifes....


Sandusky has been emulating Detroit for years...

Recently Detroit rousted all the creeps off of Belle Isle and put the State Police in charge. Normal citizens are beginning to filter back onto the island.

Sandusky... take back your park.


How has sandusky been emulating Detroit? This is something people from perkins and Norwalk use to down sandusky? That's bullsh!+.


The police used to monitor the parks. What happened to the bike patrol? All the equipment going to waste.


Why would he call the register and not the police? Seems odd


Someone was probably dealing on his turf!


So he is from Pittsburgh and never seen a drug deal just like the person from Pittsburgh who went to a browns game and talked about how rude they where. What's crazy they were sitting in the dog pound and they also went on to say they have never seen any fans from another team disrespected.


I love downtown and love to walk the shoreline,but I do know once it starts to get dark you should not be down there alone. I have never seen any strange activity during the day. I did see a needle lying on the ground once probably from the previous evening. As long as our police monitor this and the druggies know that, I think we will be okay. Our downtown is amazing with lots to offer the citizens, let's keep it that way.


And also, I will recommend downtown Sandusky to all my friends and family!


Lets here from "The Buziness" and "The Answer Person"--sell it.

The Bizness

What would you like me to say?

I am frequently walking, running, or biking downtown and never seen such an incident.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I'm not sure why you got called out either. Apparently you're the shadow prime minister of downtown Sandusky? But for your frequent activity in that area, thank you Biz. If more people like you came downtown to enjoy it, those who may be committing crime would (I'd imagine) not be so brazen as the above story as there are more eyes, ears, phones, and such. They'd have to move to some other place. So the public spaces are only overrun if we let them be.

While 911 is for emergencies, if anyone sees something off/odd/suspicious but doesn't quite feel it 911-worthy, they can always call the normal number for the station: (419) 627-5863. The police can't be everywhere, but the collective "we" are. We as residents and/or business owners (or a concerned tourist) must be vigilant over our own neighborhoods and not afraid to report things we feel are suspicious.


Simply put--every time there is an issue with City parks, the answer these two give is "sell it or privately develop it".


I would think ANYONE down there at night is doing bad stuff. During the day would seem unusual with all the other more secluded areas that could be used. So, yes, more surveillance would be good. Is there a hot line that is available to call?
I am guessing there are no druggies in the communities outside the city limits. Neither are there any drug deals going on outside the city limits.

God Of Thunder

This tourist walks around with horse blinders on if she says she doesn't see anything like this in Pittsburgh.. Really??? Give me a break..


You should try East Harbor State park.


I also won't go to the Mall after dark by myself. You have to use common sense in this day and age....


The picnic shelter has some assorted characters hanging around even during the day.


You talkin to me!


Not unless you're assorted...lol.




Most dealers in this town would be too lazy to leave Hancock St. to make their deals. Shady characters lurk on the docks where the drawbridge used to be and out on the dock behind the old Damon's. I prefer the safety of the Coal Docks to go catch my fish.

From the Grave

If you live at Harborview, you can watch that activity all the time.