Vegan picnic at Bacon Woods Park

Event is this Sunday and includes panning for gold
Aug 12, 2014


The Vegan society of Northern Ohio will hold a picnic in Shelter 3 and gold panning event at Mill Hollow Bacon Woods Park, 51211 North Ridge Rd, Vermilion, this coming Sunday, August 17, at 2 pm.

A naturalist will also cover other topics including the turtle rocks to be found there, which are rare geodes that can have nice crystals inside.

Pans, for panning for gold, will be provided by the naturalist. 

Each adult should bring a vegan dish (all plant-based, no eggs or dairy) to share, enough to serve 8 - 10, your own table service and drinks and any park toys you like. Bring the kids. 

Here's a link with directions, contact info for questions and lots of other information.

This is a large park and is on both sides of the road. You may see the carriage house from the road, that's our side. 

For more information, hit the link or call Don Mossman 419.668.1010  or




A vegan picnic at Bacon Woods~lol! Even vegans can't stay away from it! Pigs are delicious.


Bring a dish or just grab a hand full or two of freshly cut grass, either or it doesn't matter.

lunchtime 175

yes why would they have it at Bacon Woods??


Lamb Chop Park was already booked :)