Mulvins Farms Market hopping

The E. Perkins Avenue market keeping busy in the summer months
Luke Wark
Aug 7, 2014


Customers flock to Mulvins Farms Market on E. Perkins Avenue as the summer winds on, Thursday.

The market, which has been around for years, offers some of the most fresh produce from sweet corn to melons and tomatoes to peaches.

The hours for the market are 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day.



are they open every day??? hours??


Don't forget Puckrin's for sweet corn....the Hermes produce stand on route 4...and Bergmans' on 269 and 53 across the bridge.

Enjoy the fresh local produce while it's in season.

And, of course, the Sandusky farmers' market Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. until noon in the parking lot at Market and Wayne Streets.


Hahn's corn on Bogart Rd., too.

Fresh ideas

Best crop this year. So yummy


Hahn's overpriced. Bought Kroger corn yesterday and best I have had this year. When I do pass the local stops I usually buy there to.


"Local" produce? Next time ask them where that Peach or Tomato was grown, you'd be surprised!


Peach crop destroyed by cold winter.


Yea just ask...


I have no peaches on my tree, no nectarines, no plums. I do have some grapes on my vine. No reason why the tomatoes, peppers, et cetera shouldn't be local.

Some of the produce may be from another area, but it's still fresh, healthy food.


Should be by now. Too early in the season before?

AJ Oliver

Thanks to Mulvins & others, my spouse likes to say that this is the time of year when we eat better than the French. She would know.

The Answer Person

We used to go there until we read the letters old Mrs. Mulvin used to write to the Register. No more!


I love Mulvin's for the produce. I hate Mulvin's for the jail bait.


I'll give my money to the Hahns family....good people .....and great corn


Correction--Great people and great corn!


You couldn't PAY me to eat ANYTHING that came from Mulvins'stand - worst produce anywhere!