Inmates dump lunches after maggot discovery

No food containing maggots was served to prisoners.
Associated Press
Aug 7, 2014


Officials said about 1,000 inmates at a central Ohio women’s prison dumped their lunches in the trash after another discovery of maggots in the serving area.

Prisons spokeswoman JoEllen Smith told The Columbus Dispatch inmates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women at Marysville got rid of their meals Tuesday after a report circulated about the fly larvae found under a stainless-steel serving line during a pre-meal inspection.

The report of maggots was the second in the Marysville prison and the eighth confirmed case in a state prison this year. The state has twice fined the private vendor that took over the job of feeding inmates last year for violations ranging from staffing shortages to sanitation issues.

Smith said no food containing maggots was served to prisoners.


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you would think with that many inmates there that they would have plenty of help keeping the kitchen area clean and bug free? Prison is not suppose to be a free vacation but it should at least be free of bugs.


Additional protein for the maggots in the pen!


Watch Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods. Maggots are good protein in some cultures.


In Marion County Jail in Florida the inmates do all the cooking and cleaning, sewing of uniforms, planting and harvesting their own food. That jail is a no frills jail and the inmates don't get away with anything. This is what should be done, instead of the pampering they get.




Inmates do all the cooking, cleaning, and there are production facilities for uniforms, dairy products (converted to supply drinking water to Toledo residents during the water crisis), eyeglasses, paper products etc. What is happening is the Corrections Officer's union lost the jobs supervising the kitchens in Ohio's prisons to a private contractor. Maybe there is a lack of supervision by the contractors of the prison inmates who work in the kitchen. Or maybe the corrections officers are cutting deals with the inmates to sabotage their meals in order to recover the jobs for their union. All sorts of quid pro quo deals occur in prisons between inmates and guards especially in women's prisons.


The problem IS privatizing our prisons. Yes, prisoners used to do a lot of this work, and union employees did the important stuff. Now Ohio and other states have contracted the work out to privateers who just want to make easy money. Let's back up to the old way and rehabilitate our prisoners instead of treating them like animals.


We aren't saving much money with privatization, but we're creating a bunch of P.O.'d prisoners and it'll cost more in the long run.


How about we go back to sending people to prison for serious crimes and stop incarcerating people for non violent drug related crimes or other non violent low level crimes. The prison population in Ohio is up 400% since the early 1990's while our population has been stagnant and the violent crime has gone down. Almost 50% of all inmates have sentences of one year, and could be housed in community based correctional facilities or other community based intensive programs that cost much less than prisons.

Ohio fell hook line and sinker for federal Truth in Sentencing grants handed out by the USDOJ in the 1990's to build more prisons in exchange for states moving away from indeterminate sentences e.g 1-5 years to determinate sentences of a set number of years that can no longer be reduced by the parole board but only through very limited judicial means. Most judges want to look tough on crime and have forgotten their responsibility to properly sentence people with an eye to best use of state resources.

Once you build the prisons you usually have to staff them with union employees and you need to fill them up with prisoners that are easy to supervise to make money off of the system. That in turn creates a powerful prison industry lobby because the more prisoners committing certain types of crimes the more federal dollars the state and counties receive while politicians can claim they are tough on crime.

In reality because resources are diverted to pursuing the easy low level crimes to generate numbers, the serious crimes do not receive the attention required to investigate, prosecute and convict. That's why there are so many drug users vs. few big dealers; many child pornography viewers vs few child pornography producers and distributors; and many low level mortgage brokers vs no big bankers. The grants are based on quantity not quality of convictions.

We need to shut down half of our prisons and reallocate those resources to community based minimum security facilities that can rehabilitate people through education, job training, and drug treatment programs. Save the prisons for prisoners who are serious threats to society either due violent tendencies or criminality as a way of life (career criminals such as con artists, fraud, racketeering).


Send them to Guantanamo for rehab.