Huron tests water, it's safe too

Problems in Toledo triggered testing
Aug 3, 2014


From the city of Huron:

As you have heard, the city of Toledo water system has tested positive for elevated levels of microcystin, which is a byproduct of certain algae species as they are oxidized during treatment.

The news has caused concern for many residents on all lakeside communities. The city of Huron typically tests for these toxins on a weekly basis in cooperation with Sandusky and Elyria lab officials. In light of this outbreak, we are testing the finished water today, with the help of Sandusky and Elyria. The algae bloom seems to be isolated to the western end of Lake Erie as seen by satellite imagery.

I will keep everyone posted, should any relevant information arise.

If anyone speaks to concerned residents, you can advise them that we are testing for this toxin, including today, and we have not detected it any time in our system.

— Jason R. Gibboney, Huron water superintendent and laboratory manager.

For questions, contact 419-433-9502


Truth or Dare

Hey SR, what about the City of Sandusky?


The algal bloom is more concentrated in western Lake Erie and around Sandusky Bay. Look at the NASA photos.


Truth - The register can only report on what is happening. If Sandusky has not done testing they can't just make the story up.