Toledo issues water warning over algae toxin

Residents urged not to drink water and the city warned against boiling because it will only increase the toxin's concentration
Associated Press
Aug 2, 2014

Ohio's fourth-largest city has warned residents not to consume its water after tests revealed the presence of a toxin possibly related to algae on Lake Erie.

Toledo issued the warning early Saturday. It said tests at one treatment plant returned two sample readings for microsystin above the standard for consumption.

The city warned against boiling because it will only increase the toxin's concentration. The advisory covers city residents and those in Lucas County served by the city's water supply.

The city's advisory says Lake Erie may have been affected by a bloom of harmful algae that produces the toxin. Consuming the tainted water could result in vomiting, diarrhea and other problems.

Toledo is home to about 280,000 people. The city says more tests are being run.




Microcystin*. This is what the EPA SHOULD have been working on and preventing. It's a big mess and we might be next in line.

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The EPA has been gutted by the Repubs. This is what we get by not taxing the rich. They ruin our water supplies and don't want to pay a dime to fix it. Your grandchildren will love you for this.


Totally agree! This is just a small piece of the puzzle soon to be destroyed by greed!

Darwin's choice

You two azzholes are incredibly ignorant. Marcy "do nothing" Kaptur, for how many decades, has let this situation worsen, now it's time to pay up! It's way past time for the current failure of a government to take care of the citizens here, not the rest of the planet's refuse. Dog, you should be extremely careful, in your current state of health, you would be at risk, and with you still owing for your hospital care,I'dlike you to pay up before you "check out"! Deertracker, start bottling up the mud puddles!

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Oh, so it's Marcy's fault?

Darwin's choice

That makes as much sense as your idiotic comment!

But, look past my reference to the failures in the current administration!!


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So you're saying the EPA hasn't been gutted by the Repubs?

Darwin's choice

You're like a broken record.....


I would say with the amount of fertilizer that comes out of her face she may be a large factor in this bloom.


HA HA HA!!What a hoot, I bet its Abraham Lincolns fault since he was the first Republican. Should have NEVER let a Republican be president, look at what He did, started a war to free a people who bites the hands who sent their sons to die for their freedom.


Since when is the Clown Obama a Republican?

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The budget request does propose an increase to EPA's categorical grants, which are provided to states and tribes to aid them in conducting delegated activities under federal environmental law, including clean air monitoring and water pollution control. Categorical grants would be funded at a level of $1.1 billion in fiscal 2015 under the president's budget, an increase of $76 million above the fiscal 2014 enacted level.

That's why should read entire articles before publishing things and looking like a dope.

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Instead of taking direct shots at the environment – not even Tea Tendency zealots come out and say they're pro-pollution – Republicans are going after the EPA. It's a "job-killer". America's high unemployment rate is not the fault of the worldwide recession or the housing bubble or Wall Street hubris or two unfunded wars on top of George W Bush's silly tax cuts for the rich, it's those damned DC bunny-huggers. Representative Mike Simpson of Idaho insists, "overregulation from EPA is at the heart of our stalled economy"; his colleague, Rep Louie Gohmert of Texas, says, "Let EPA go the way of the dinosaurs that became fossil fuels."

Congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann doesn't want to wait for extinction, she advocates abolishing the EPA as soon as God puts the Tea Party in charge. She blames it for a host of anti-free market evils, from what she sees as an attempt to outlaw incandescent light bulbs (she countered with the "Lightbulb Freedom of Choice Act of 2011") to the "hoax" that is global climate change. Take no notice of what elitist scientists say, Bachmann knows better, assuring us that "CO2 is a natural byproduct of Nature."


Quit cutting and pasting. It makes you look ridiculous.
The EPA under Obama has been focused on harassing fossil fuel industries, Americans attempting to secure property or build homes in what they term endangered areas, power grabbing all over the country.
Surely doing nothing to protect Americans only harass.


Any regulation the republicans are against. The EPA has had funding reduced by one third. This won't fix the things that effect our environment. The same environment that republicans get their air and water from. They need to wake up. The environment should not be a partisan issue.

Truth or Dare

Might be next in line? Uhm, the lake flows west to east, right?! I won't be waiting for a warning regarding Erie County. Not good news for anyone w/an already compromised immune system, the already sick, elderly and children. I'll be hitting the stores and buying bottled water for cooking and drinking asap!


More than Sandusky. the Rural Water companies draw from the Bay... all the way to Clyde and Huron, etc.


Only a matter of time, especially when undesirable/septic waste is dumped in the lake. If you can't even see 1 inch down under the water, you SURE don't want to drink or swim in it! This has been the case for many decades. Kicking the can eventually catches up with ya.


Any city that has their water supply connected to Lake Erie should take note and step up tests to ensure water from Lake Erie is safe and not placing people at risk .
Something also tells me that no one should swim in any part of Lake Erie or consume anything connected to the lake till all cities can test and make sure the lake is safe. And have independent. test and confirm from out side the state of Ohio


Sandusky River flows into the Bay.... thus the bay flows into the Sandusky River.... for any who draw water from those. I think Clyde City customers prolly safe since their water comes from their two reservoirs.


I hope Sandusky is on top of things with the water.


God-fearing God-loving Gay-hating Chik-fil-A in Toledo is giving ONE bottle of water to each person who passes by.


More than Kentucky Fried Chicken (democrat favorite) is doing.


Good for them. Thanks for acknowledging them doing their part?

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The Hero Zone

Yeah I don't know what to make of that. Is it some kind of snarky sarcasm at giving away free water regardless of religious affiliation/sexual preference, or is it just an awkwardly-conveyed compliment? How...dare...they?

Forward Looking

Well, just drive out into the country to see the Mills Creek watershed and you will see several fields that are fertilized with liquified manure and then there is a farm where the cows walk through the creek, with fresh manure produced daily all along the creek. This needs to be looked at and things like this are causing the problems we are seeing in Lake Erie.


That is the root cause. We have know that for a while. But, as humans we don't give a crap till it is too late. We reap what we sow.

Forward Looking

Sure nothing will happen once again...


That's a complete lie. The amount of manure around is miniscule compared to the other wastes being dumped into the lake by other sources. Get a clue.


Fertilizer Joe! Liquid manure is just one type. And then the pesticides and herbicides. That is your clue you uneducated ....... Farmland drainage into our water systems! Get a clue. On top of that there is the phosphorous from municipalities and industries. I have studied this stuff. Maybe you should too! Root cause is not the only cause, just the main cause.