Bird caged, owner jailed

Intoxicated woman causes two-car crash
Luke Wark
Aug 1, 2014


An intoxicated woman was the cause of a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of W. Monroe Street and Huron on Friday afternoon when she turned left in front of oncoming traffic. The woman, who was arrested at the scene, was charged with failure to yield and driving under the influence of alcohol. The driver of the second vehicle was transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Inside the intoxicated woman's car police found a pet cockatoo in a cage in the back seat. Police took the bird to the station where it was picked up by the woman's sister. 



alcohol sucks

Erie County Resident

No worse than stoners do.


Stoners don't get into stupid accidents and drive the wrong way down a highway. I can see you like your booze eerie county resident.


No, drunk drivers suck.


What about dogs running loose or lying in the windshield or being held by owners while driving cars...

Kids have to be secured... And yet the above is common..

Distracted driving... Worse than phones.


I agree. I hate to see people driving with their purse dog on their lap. There is no need for it. Many can't see out the windshield or reach the steering wheel because of the dog in their lap.



Thats just when the dog is sitting still.. Many are jumping around or climbing their owner's faces..


There is a guy that drives a south shore van with 2 dogs on his lap!


She could have been texting, smoking, eating , with the bird free in the car with a dog & cat loose in the car, now that would be something to see .