Cashier had sticky fingers

Police say Target employee pilfered from drawers
Jul 31, 2014


A cashier was arrested Tuesday for allegedly swindling more than $1,000 dollars from a Milan Road retail store.

Kristy Tickles, 31, of the 2300 block of Milan Road, was charged with fifth-degree felony theft.

Perkins police met with Target loss prevention personnel Tuesday around 10 a.m., according to a police report.

Investigators learned Tickles had allegedly been sneaking cash from multiple cash registers on an ongoing basis.

A Target employee scheduled an interview earlier that morning, during which time Tickles admitted the thefts, the report said.

The grand total allegedly stolen: $1,550.

Tickles was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail.



Where there's money there's thieves!

Julie R.

The Ohio Clients' Security Fund pays out hundreds of thousands every year to victims of attorney theft, so why aren't those low-life pr*cks ever jailed?


Once again, Julie's going to great lengths to find a way to connect her tired, rehashed whining to a completely unrelated article.

Julie R.

How is it unrelated? Theft is theft. There's also a law out there that states anybody that assists in theft is just as guilty as the one(s) that benefit.

So who would you consider to be more of a threat to society --- judges in a county that give their attorney friends & financial institutions two years after an elderly person's death to get everything left from trust contracts criminally changed before their deaths out of their names before their attorney friends file a forged Will, who even pull off scams to sell fraudulently transferred property at sheriff sales ........ or this woman that stole $1,550.00 from Target?


What is "pilferied?" Sounds KINKY! Of course, with a last name like Tickles...

I suspect the sub-head should read "...Target employee pilfered from drawers."


You have to know what "pilfered" means!

kimi43464's picture
kimi43464 many good employees got in trouble for "bad cash management" when it was her????

lunchtime 175

If the store would pay better wages then maybe they would not have problems like this? Who shops at Target anyway?


Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

If I had a bigger/better TV, I wouldn't need to steal yours. If I had a nicer/newer car, I wouldn't need to carjack yours. If I had a nicer house in a better neighborhood, I wouldn't jealously vandalize yours.

See? It's NOT MY FAULT! You should give me a higher salary for entry level work so I don't do these things (although I really shouldn't have to work at all...)


I was just thinking the same thing Sam!

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The Hero Zone

T.J. Maxx Job Application Just Asks Prospective Employees How Much They Plan To Shoplift

FRAMINGHAM, MA—In a move meant to streamline the company’s hiring process, representatives from T.J. Maxx confirmed Monday that the retailer’s job application now simply asks prospective employees how much merchandise they plan to shoplift. “While reviewing our employment procedures, we realized the only things we want to see on paper are the candidate’s name, phone number, and a realistic estimate of how much apparel he or she expects to steal during his or her time as an employee,” said human resources manager Madeline Irvington, noting that the removal of extraneous information from the form, such as an applicant’s education and past experience, saves T.J. Maxx store managers considerable time in making hiring decisions. “For inventory purposes, we just want our job candidates to come right out and tell us from the very beginning exactly how many designer tops, handbags, and pairs of jeans they intend to remove the security tags from after the store has closed and then surreptitiously ferry out when they leave. That way, we can be sure to order the correct amount of merchandise to satisfy them, any friends they plan to shoplift for, and our customers.” Irvington added that all job candidates who made it past the first round would then be asked how long they planned to lay low with the items before reselling them online.


Higher wages, really? They are all entry level positions, nobody should want to work there for a long period of time unless you plan on moving up. Target pay their employees damn good compared to the other retailers. ManAge mentioned staff gets paid well and most of them started as a cashier also.

Julie R.

Wow, a whopping $1,550 dollars stolen.

I'll bet Baxter & his crony judges at the courthouse will laugh behind closed doors when they see that!

Julie R.

Hey Huron _ 1969, you DO know who the Huron attorneys were that I talk about, don't ya? Somebody said the probate court better bronze that forged Will because there won't be anymore ...... prepared by them, anyway.


The little green Martians are walking down your street looking for you. They want to give you a ride back home

Julie R.

Do the little green Martians in Erie County still have that idiot law in effect that I once heard from an Erie County assistant prosecutor --- how the recorder of a county is required by law to file everything the auditor and attorneys give her to file, no matter how false, untrue, and fraudulent she knows the filings on property to be?

Julie R.

Do the little green Martians in Erie County still have that one idiot law in effect that a rent-a-judge was paid to say not too long ago ---- how if an attorney files & dismisses bogus complaints in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County against the executrix of her stepfather's Erie County probate estate and two financial instituions (i.e. a Huron insurance agent and the manager of a Huron bank), that means the probate court in Erie County does not have to address the complaints filed in Erie County in the probate estates of life-long Erie County residents ..... or is that idiot "law" only used on special occassions?


with a name like that, sticky fingers in drawers, who needs pornhub?


Get your hands outa my drawers, Tickles!!!

Julie R.

So if stealing $560,000.00 from tenants in a trailer park is only a misdemeanor, what's the law on pilfering $1,550.00 at Target? A felony? In Erie County the prosecutors and judges change the laws so much you never know what in the HE*L kind of idiot law they will have in effect from one day to another!


....and the haters on here complain about the President!


Well, in fairness to the "haters," Tickles is alleged to have stolen $1,500+. Yost apparently stole over half a million. But Obama is on track to effectively steal TRILLIONS! (He's already stolen our country's reputation, our economy, and a whole lot more of its citzens' freedoms.)