Perkins fire station struck by lightning

No effect on safety services, firefighters said.
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 30, 2014


A bolt of lightning struck the Perkins fire station on Milan Road Wednesday around 4 p.m., Perkins fire Capt. Eric Pearson said. 

Firefighters at that station currently do not have access to landline phones, but the lines of communication are still open, via their cell phones and radios, Pearson said. 

Safety operations have not, and will not be affected. A firefighter is en route to get a new cable modem at the moment, so phone lines will soon be restored. 

"It happens once every other year — that station has been zapped umpteenth times," Pearson said. 


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So what makes this a lightning magnet?

getit right be4...

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10 cable modems would be cheaper than a lightning rod system with a 20 year warranty, assuming the modems are the only victims.