Man arrested for throwing bricks

Sullivan arrested for attack on girlfriend earlier this month
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 29, 2014

A Sandusky teen with outstanding warrants for assaulting his girlfriend with bricks was arrested late Saturday night after an anonymous caller tipped police off to his whereabouts.

Tyran Sullivan, 18, of the 2400 block of Cleveland Road, was charged with obstruction and underage consumption, and was also arrested on assault and felonious assault warrants.

In the early morning hours of June 14, a Sandusky police officer heard yelling coming from a West Osborne Street home. When the officer looked inside a window, he saw Sullivan holding back his girlfriend, preventing her from leaving, according to a police report.

Sullivan was charged with underage consumption and disorderly conduct and released at the scene.

A short while later, the girlfriend showed officers bruising on her arms that Sullivan allegedly caused, and wanted to pursue charges.  An assault warrant was later issued for Sullivan's arrest.

Then, on June 27, police were again called for a dispute between Sullivan and the woman.

It was just before midnight when officers found her on the ground in the 1000 block of Pearl Street. She was bleeding from the mouth and nose, with multiple abrasions on her legs, the report said.

The woman told police that Sullivan, enraged she'd broken off their relationship, began to pummel her, the report said.

He then allegedly grabbed several nearby bricks, and hurled them at her legs. Sullivan punched the woman's face again, then fled the area on foot.

Sullivan was on the run for nearly a month, but officers were able to catch up with him at about 11 p.m. Saturday.

A tipster told police that Sullivan would be in the area of Hancock and Water streets and offered a detailed description of his outfit.

Officers soon spotted the wanted man standing on the corner.

Sullivan allegedly said his name was "Trey" and claimed to be his own younger brother, the report said.

Officers, however, soon found Sullivan's identification in his pocket. Unswayed by Sullivan's explanation that the pants he was wearing weren't his own, officers cuffed him and took him to the Erie County jail.

He remains there on an approximate $28,000 bond. 



SHS graduate?

There you go again

That's wishful thinking...I mean that he is a graduate.

Stop It

The old "these aren't my pants" ploy. It always worx.


Smiling?? Really....enough said


He happy cuz he gonna getz some priz tats! Ax him if he happy.

mimi's word

Big enough man to beat up a girl...should be big enough to accept the consequences.


18 ? his mama must be so proud of this upstanding , respectful, good citizen , decent young [man]. OOPS ! I mean loser...women beater.... don't let your daughters be his punching bag.


Hitting woman or hitting females is wrong no matter how you look at it....but its also sad this is the 5th guy that has went to jail over the same female...and this one was a SHS grad and a college student

.so yes considering his mother passed away ..when he was so young ...and for him to have accomplished that

.she was proud till now..


And that is NOT easy to do in Sandusky


And the ironic thing she was with him the night he went to jail....


And further more who are we to judge anyone?thats whats wrong with society ....if you want to judge someone ...judge the girl that is 25/27 dating this 19 year old who boys liquor /beer for these boys ..