Police investigate sex offense at waterpark

Encounter between young teen and 6-year-old boy
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 25, 2014


Perkins police are investigating an alleged sex offense that occurred at Maui Sands on Milan Road.

A six-year-old Lorain boy went to the water park last week with his grandfather, a few cousins and one of the cousin's 13-year-old friends, according to a police report.

The boy later told his mother he had a “bad secret” to share. He went on to say the 13-year-old asked him to play Truth or Dare after everyone else went to sleep.

The game, in the form of an app on the teen's tablet, appeared to be an adult game. The teen was dared to flash the child, and allegedly did so. The teen was then dared to kiss the boy's body parts, and allegedly did that as well, the report said.

Investigators forwarded the case to Children's Services and no charges have yet been filed.

A blotter item in Monday's Register incorrectly stated that the suspect was over the age of 18.


Stop It

Why doesn't it say whether it was a boy or girl teen? Because if it was a male, it would say?