Calling out the feds

Justice for Jake wants U.S. Justice Department to review complaint against DeWine
Jul 24, 2014


A group supporting families with complaints against Sandusky County law enforcement wants the U.S. Justice Department to investigate Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. 

The Justice for Jake and Ella group, which has a Facebook page with more than 20,000 followers, plans to ask the agency's Washington, D.C.-based civil rights division to review the criminal investigations that occurred involving the families that  filed lawsuits or lodged complaints against the sheriff, Fremont Police and Sandusky County. 

The families supporting the move include Shannon and Mike Limberios, Jess Burdine, Eric Burdine and Laurie Burdine, Christina Fegley, and Richard Cordle, each with Individual events that led to their family's involvement with sheriff's deputies, police and the county, interaction they all say was degrading and demeaning to them or their loved-ones.   

"It is my last grasp at justice," Jess Burdine said.

A Sandusky County grand jury, which reviewed Ohio Attorney General's criminal investigation into the 2007 death of Craig Burdine, found no criminal wrongdoing in Craig Burdine's death when it finished its work July 15.

"This complaint asks for no money, it asks for justice. Maybe we will have a chance to present our facts," Burdine said.

The Justice for Jake and Ella Facebook Page was started more than two years ago to support for Mike and Shannon Limberios and their family following the loss of their son, Jacob, from a gunshot to the head in Sandusky County on March 2, 2012.

The group is "supporting a complaint to be filed in the near future with the U.S. Justice Department in Washington, D.C. by the families of Jake Limberios, Craig Burdine and Isabel Cordle, all of whom died in Sandusky County under extremely suspicious circumstances, but none of whom have received substantial justice by the investigatory authorities. The complaint will seek a review of the evidence of those cases, the investigations performed by officials involved, and the manner in which court system was employed."

Justice for Jake is inviting "the people of Sandusky County and across our great nation who believe that we have the right to hold our public officials accountable to competently and even-handedly discharge their duties to join this cause by liking and regularly following the Facebook page."  

The group wants "other victims of occurrences in Sandusky County and their families to contact the Page and relay their stories."

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Knew this was coming.


Devil's Advocate....How far will they go? Sooner or later they will run out of people to call. What happens when/IF the US Justice Dept comes in and finds no wrong doing, and they do not like the findings? Who do they call then?

lunchtime 175

who you gonna call? Ghostbusters.


"hello is this ghost busters? I have a ghost missing a large portion of it's head in my garage. plz hlp plz."


The complaint to the USDOJ has to be meticulously drafted with supporting affidavits and exhibits and the group should get Congresswoman Kaptur, Congressman Latta, Senator Brown and Senator Portman to assist them. Do not rush this effort.

Ralph J.

Good advice. But no federal investigation should be handled from Toledo, Cleveland or other office in Ohio. The Ohio Feds are all cronies IMO.


Yes, it goes without saying that the Complaint should be directed to the USDOJ Criminal Civil Rights Section and its Public Integrity Section both in DC.


Good luck. DeWine will find any and all loopholes to crawl out of before he's investigated. I'm sure he's best friends with administration in USDOJ right now, if not, he's becoming it.

Ralph J.

DeWine is a product from Greene County. DeWine's assistant who was earlier involved and was charged with DUI (the one that wet himself) is also a Greene County product. What is so bad about Greene County? Read.


It gets better and better!


Well it looks like this just might be the end of the road . Like I have said before and will say it agsin .you can not expect justice when you have cops investigating cops and lawyers investigating lawyers . Its a fact of life . No one regardless if they are a lawyer Doctor or cop will stand and up and say the other is wrong . Justice in this country is only for the ones that can buy it .


Great idea! You wasted a lot of state tax money, might as well waste federal!

Sal Dali

You would be singing a different tune if your son, daughter or other family member were one of those people wronged by the justice system in that county or any other. We waste tax dollars every single time one of those paid public servants involved in this mess collects a paycheck. Considering the size of the county and LE covering it, I'd say they have screwed up more than the average bear. I'd rather have my tax dollars spent investigating questionable acts of people like this rather than handing them paychecks.


You're so right, it's one big cover up. The US district court of appeals, 2 out of 3 coroners, the AG's office and a GJ are all covering up local law enforcement. I'm sure they've done all this without the thought of ruining their reputation and credibility. It just doesn't make any sense that all of these people, including paramedics would cover up for the ones being accused of this. There's no crime here, it's been found to be true time and time oh and time again!!!

my oh my

The end of road is in sight......Same conclusion.


The Limberios Grand Jury ruled the death accidental... but the coroner and county prosecutor refuse to abide by that finding - and no one is willing to enforce it.
There is wrongdoing. If only there was a JOURNALIST who would be willing to BE a journalist and investigate these stories. But Sandusky County has a reputation for being unhealthy for JOURNALISTS from within or without.


The county prosecutor can't change a death certificate, nor does he have the authority to force the change. I've lived in Sandusky county my whole life and have never heard of journalist being treated unfairly.


I would rather my taxes be spent elsewhere, not on a kid playing with a gun, or a guy with booze and temper issues.

nosey rosey

Completely agree. Now if the cancer cluster group would just go away......


...or refocus on the original goal instead of adding in a landowner who wants to get his money back for buying Whirlpool Park - who has taken all focus away from four dead children.

Sal Dali

Lucky you! You aren't paying for any of those; you're paying for the incompetence of public officials to investigate suspicious deaths.


I could care less about the guy that died in JAIL. The Jake thing gets me though. Why have they not arrested the guy that straw purchased the gun he shot himself with? That's the first, and only proven crime commited.


Yeah, that's definitely a topic that was never covered in the SR. Where did Jake get the gun?


How about on a OHP trooper who has a hand-le on teen porn?


The USDOJ is way to busy with Bengahzi, the IRS mischief, fast-n-furious, and all the Wall Street firms to embezzle to deal with this....


I don't think Holder will allow anything to happen. He's a racist and thinks the world would be better if all whites were shot.


I think the SR and Cop Block should make a Facebook page together


Justsaying I rather spend tax money on ending corruption then on bs that we have been spending it on. I hope none of your family or friends have to go through what these familys are. Jake brought the gun cause one of them wanted to buy it do he let them fire it. He told them there was s bullet left i n there so why would he shoot himself. Cause he did not. As far as Craig yes he did drink but if you watch video you do not see him struggling he is barely moving or talking.. when he did talk he was mumbling. So I doubt he was in any condition to fight with the officers.


It really doesn't matter what any of us think or think we know. The point is the Burdine case has been found to be without merit time and time again. You say corruption and it just doesn't hold water. You say it as if it's a fact when it's simply your opinion. There may have been mistakes along the way but that doesn't translate into corruption. It's time to move on and accept the fact that there was no wrong doing here.

Julie R.

Someday when these good 'ole boy & girl public officials are sitting in their expensive nursing homes eating their pudding cups, they'll probably all sit around and reminisce about all the injustices they had the power to mete out during their worthless careers.