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Hollie Newton
Jul 23, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: Clyde citizens held a memorial service on the 100th anniversary of the death of Gen. James Birdseye McPherson, who was killed by a Confederate bullet in Atlanta. McPherson, born and reared in Clyde, graduated first in a class of 52 at West Point in 1853.

25 years ago, 1989: Exxon decided to stop cleaning up the nation's worst oil spill by the end of the summer, and Alaska's attorney general said the company had no intention of returning in 1990 to finish the job. Exxon reported a 85 percent drop in profits because of the estimated $850 million cost of cleaning up the spill.

10 years ago, 2004: A Shawnee Indian tribe was preparing to apply to the federal government for permission to operate five to seven gambling casinos in Ohio on lands the tribe once occupied before being forced to relocate to Oklahoma.



Re: "Gen. James Birdseye McPherson,"

Well, if the North wouldn't have unconstitutionally and aggressively invaded the South, his life might have ended more pleasantly.

Ralph J.

States' Rights The Rallying Cry of Secession


States' Rights... the Rallying Cry of the Tea Party ...


Re: "States' Rights..."

The 10th Amend. (Void where prohibited by law).

Ralph J.

Gen. James Birdseye McPherson

AJ Oliver

Yup, let 'em go. They can have their feudalism. In many ways, the south is as backward as it ever was.


Yupp. Let 'em go. Give the Tea Party Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and let 'em have at it...


Re: "Let 'em go."

There was a war over this issue during the 1860s. Perhaps you've heard or read about it?


Re: "let 'em go"

There was a war over this issue during the 1860s. Perhaps you've heard or read about it?


Re: "backward,"

Come into the 21st Century.

The top tiers of CNBC's "America's Top States For Business" are largely dominated by southern & western states.

The eastern states tend to hug the bottom rungs.



1828 McPherson was born out on the Seneca Trail/Portland Road (former name of Sandusky), the same year "The Pike" was completed with four lanes.
1833 Moved to the Gillelan house (1831) on The Pike in Hamers' Corners.
1841 Left home (12 yo) and went to Stemtown (predecessor of Green Springs) to live with a family and work in the general store.
1847 Father William McPherson died. Young James is sent to Norwalk to attend the academy there (hometown listed as "Green Creek" which was the Post Office for Green Creek Township).
1851 Enters West Point where his roommate is John Bell Hood. Graduates head of his class in 1853 - Robert E. Lee is superintendent of the Academy.
1852 - a new village is settled named Clyde.
1864 - killed by a soldier commanded by Hood. Returned to Clyde for burial - 23 years after leaving


From: Part of New York Times obituary:

Published: August 2, 1864 - From the Toledo (Ohio) Blade, July 29.

The mortal remains of Maj.-Gen. JAMES BIRDSEYE MCPHERSON were committed to their last resting-place at Clyde, Sandusky County, at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. A very large concourse had assembled to participate in and witness the sad ceremonies of the occasion. Many were there whose recollections of the childhood and youth of the deceased were so fresh that they found it difficult fully to appreciate that it was the renowned hero and consummate General, and not the modest and unobtrusive orphan boy, whose corpse had come back for interment on the very spot where he had his humble birth. A pervading sadness marked the countenances of those present, showing that it was not idle curiosity, but heartfelt grief and respect, that called them together. Large numbers of people arrived by cars on the Cleveland and Toledo and Sandusky, Dayton and Cincinnati Roads, while the greater portion came in carriages from the neighboring towns and villages.


Weird how he died doing his duty fighting Democrats and hate mongers who did not feel everyone was created equal and did not give them their rights as Americans. Yet here we are over 150 years later and the Democrats and hate mongers are still trying to take peoples rights away.
Democrats = Oldest terrorist org in American history.

The Big Dog's back

Another hero of mine who fought against the CONfederates. Thank you. Just wish the UNION would have flushed the CONservatives, I mean CONfederates out to the Gulf of Mexico.


You must have slept through history class puppy poo.