Unaccompanied minors

Floods of children trying to cross border create legal and humanitarian dilemma
Associated Press
Jul 7, 2014


The White House said Monday that most unaccompanied children arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border are unlikely to qualify for humanitarian relief that would prevent them from being sent back from their home countries.

The pointed warning came as the White House finalized a spending request to Congress detailing the additional resources President Barack Obama wants in order to hire more immigration judges and open additional detention facilities to deal with the border crisis. White House officials said they planned to send the more than $2 billion request to lawmakers on Tuesday.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that while the administration will allow the immigration review process to take place, officials so far don't expect many of the children arriving at the border to be able to stay in the U.S.

"It's unlikely that most of these kids will qualify for humanitarian relief," Earnest said. "It means they will not have a legal basis for remaining in this country and will be returned."

Still, it's unclear how quickly that process will unfold. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson acknowledged Sunday that such proceedings might be long delayed, and he said that coping with floods of unaccompanied minors crossing the border is a legal and humanitarian dilemma for the United States.

"Our border is not open to illegal migration, and we are taking a number of steps to address it, including turning people around faster," Johnson told NBC's "Meet the Press." At the same time, he said, the administration is "looking at ways to create additional options for dealing with the children in particular, consistent with our laws and our values."

Repeatedly pressed to say whether thousands of Central American children will be deported promptly, Johnson said, "We need to find more efficient, effective ways to turn this tide around generally, and we've already begun to do that."

Most are from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, where spikes in violence and poverty are prompting parents to send their children on difficult and dangerous journeys north.

Their numbers have overwhelmed federal agencies. When 140 would-be immigrants — mostly mothers with children — were flown to southern California to ease an overcrowded Texas facility, angry residents of Murrieta, California, greeted the bus as it pulled into town, complaining that they were being saddled with more than their share.

"This is a failure of diplomacy. It is a failure of leadership from the administration," said Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who sought the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, said the administration "is one step behind" a major dilemma that was foreseeable. The number of children coming from Central America without adults has been rising dramatically for several years.

A George W. Bush-era law to address human trafficking prevents the government from returning these children to their home countries without taking them into custody and eventually through a deportation hearing. Minors from Mexico and Canada, by contrast, can be sent back across the border more easily. The administration says it wants more flexibility under the law.

Johnson said the administration has dramatically sped up the processing of adults who enter the country illegally, and it is opening more detention facilities. He acknowledged that the unaccompanied children from Central America, some 9,700 taken into custody in May alone, pose the most vexing problem.

Unaccompanied Central American children generally are being released to relatives already in the United States. Mothers with their children often are released with a notice to appear later in immigration court.

Meanwhile, word of seemingly successful border crossings reaches their home countries, encouraging others to try.

Johnson said the U.S. government is trying to send the message that all people who enter the country illegally will face deportation proceedings eventually. In Central America, he said, "the criminal smuggling organizations are putting out a lot of disinformation about supposed free passes into this country" that will expire soon. "We're cracking down on the smuggling organizations by surging law enforcement resources," Johnson said.

Johnson and others are warning of the dangers that immigrants, and especially children, face when the try to reach the United States on their own. Johnson is scheduled to meet with Guatemalan officials later this week.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said children entering the country illegally must be sent home. If not, Graham said, "you're going to incentivize people throughout that part of the world to keep sending their children here."

Graham said foreign aid should be cut off to countries that don't do more to discourage illegal immigration to the United States.

Perry appeared on ABC's "This Week"; Cuellar was on CNN's "State of the Union"; Graham was on CBS' "Face the Nation."




If obama sends them back it will be the FIRST thing he's done that makes any sense.

Plan on him finding a way around sending them home. Water them and fertilize them with entitlements for a few years and you have brand new democrat voters.


So the President wants $2 BILLION to deal will ILLEGAL immigrants, but cannot figure out how to deal with our Veterans. Many who are homeless, hungry or need medical care. WOW.


Send the bill directly to those delusional Obama supporters who want them here, Maybe a taste of reality will help them come back to the real world.
Obama created this crises, Let his followers bear the brunt of the cost.


Dog, coastie and the rest... Assuming that you work and pay taxes, this is what you!re buying....

Get a receipt!

While you're at it , Get a clue.

The Big Dog's back

Should the President sign a Presidential order?


Why does he have to, there are already laws. The problem is the liar and chief decided not to enforce them. You morons want your voice in government to be stepped on, why is that?

Bottom Line

They're rushing to get to Matt's house.


You know, there are already people who are stepping up to help these children. Dallas County, Texas is offering to take 2,000 of them into their community, house them in some abandoned school buildings and search for foster homes. Volunteers are stepping up to help care for the children. Catholic Charities and Baptist Churches are getting involved. Sounds like it is being led by a county judge. This is a humanitarian crisis. Not all Americans are viewing this as the previous posters do.


This is a created humanitarian crises and could have been averted but you will never see those responsible or those that support them step up and take responsibility for it.
Those that just think this is spontaneous also support those that caused it.


What happens when their families start coming to look for them. Why are these "foster families" not willing to help AMERICAN CHILDREN that are homeless? hungry? needy? There are children in this very country that need help.


So, you're angry that someone is trying to help these children?
There are lots of agencies, charities, churches, etc. that work every day to help American children.
Part of the processing of these children includes trying to reconnect them to their families, and, though I am not certain, so that they can be sent back home to them. That is my understanding at this point. Children cannot be just thrown back over the border or taken to their countries of origin and dumped off. We have laws about how children are treated that are different than adults. Foster families are not permanent homes.

Have a nice evening!


Their families are the ones that sent them here. Are they really trying to reconnect with them back in their home countries?


@notforme...........how many children can we put you down for? I'm sure with your liberal thinking two or three would be no problem for you. Or maybe, just maybe, you are the typical liberal hypocrite. Count on the "other" taxpayers to cover it right?

From the Grave

Put them to work making sportswear.

From the Grave

And cell phones.


So many are asking if we have no compassion, that it's a humanitarian crisis. Where is the compassion from the leaders of the countries these people are coming from? Where is the compassion from China and Russia and all the other countries of the world? When are they going to step up? Why are Americans always expected to have compassion when there's a crisis somewhere in the world? How many other countries offer help to the U.S. when we have a catastrophe? If BHO wants money to take care of these illegals, take it from the foreign aid money we send to their home countries. If we put them in the shelters used during natural catastrophes, where are we going to put our people when the next catastrophe occurs? Let's take care of our own citizens first.


I wonder how are they even getting the buses full of children through Mexico? Why not stop there? Oh that's right, Mexico will not all ILLEGAL immigration. Why do they not travel south looking for promise land? Oh that's right no other countries allow for ILLEGAL immigration. Is there any other country that would allow a bus full of children to cross the border to just drop of children? Unaccompanied? No documentation?


If making the trip from the third world countries is so dangerous, we probably could divert some cruise ships to bring all these poor unfortunates here. It would be much more comfortable for them and we could just drop them in all the various ports around the country and save all the ground transportation. That way we could bring all those from Africa as well. It couldn't cost more that 15-20 Billion which is chicken feed.

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swiss cheese kat

These "children", if allowed to stay and become citizens, will be Democrats for life. That is Obama's goal. America be damned, as long as the Democrat party stays in power.


Wish our Congress would get to work and come up with a feasible solution to this problem. In the meantime, children should not become the pawns in the middle of a political battle.


Well said notfrome. Those that encouraged this tragedy are criminally cynical. And make no mistake this was encouraged from the highest offices in this nation.... on both sides of the 'isle'...


I agree. Also, I wonder if it isn't a diabolical test to measure the extent of desensitization of the American people so it can be determined what human rights abuses we as a nation will endure on the next group of people out of fear and to further divide us so that the oligarchy can suspend the constitution.

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The Hero Zone

"Our border is not open to illegal migration..." where was this phrase loud and clear for all these years? Only when the chickens have come home to roost does it seem to be actually important. It seems that Central America called his bluff and he has to (well, we will because of him) pay for this mistake. As for the kids? They are paying for our President wanting to say good things and make good feelings by contracting tuberculosis, being raped, killed, or used as drug mules let alone subjected to life as a roaming waif in the U.S.

I wonder if any of this is sinking in to not just him but members of Congress who supported this inhumane, borderless U.S. notion. Or will they sleep in their beds, snuggled up to tired arguments for problems they will never solve?

"...the more than $2 billion request to lawmakers on Tuesday."

Two billion? Can we finally build our wall to prevent and disincentivize those who would cross illegally from doing so? It'd prevent a great many rapes, deaths, court costs, heartache, etc. Until that happens all these arguments about immigration reform are as effective as doctors bickers about what to do with the blood spilled from the wound while never closing it.

"...a lot of disinformation about supposed free passes into this country' that will expire soon."

So the free passes currently exist and won't be immediately suspended? Is this not one of the major reasons why both real and fake info has been sent down to Central America in the first place?

All of this could have been prevented and here in the wake of an entirely preventable economic, medical, political, and humanitarian crisis can we seem to get answers and cut through the obfuscating garbage that is spewed out of D.C. What a shame for all involved, especially the U.S. citizen (natural born or naturalized legally) to be a "second-class citizen" in their own country.

If any of you out there are on food stamps or other benefits (or are in the VA as was pointed out above), please take a moment to consider why you aren't important enough to be labeled a "humanitarian crisis" and why emergency money isn't directed your way. Why does nothing change for you but heaven and earth is moved for a non-citizen?

In order to cause a revolution, one must stir the pot and incite the population. If too many people are content, they can't be moved to revolt. For sake of argument, let's use Big Dog's word of "middle-class". "Middle-class" people are "content". So, the middle-class must be infiltrated and destroyed in order to affect revolution. As much as contentment is then spoke about by Congress and the Presidency...has it ever come? Or while talking about comfort, nothing has actually changed for you?

Are you slipping out of your comfort level? Are you perhaps becoming more aware of what's happening? Maybe, when middle-class is paired with notions like "the system is rigged against you" (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/20...), you begin to see things differently. Like a whisper in your ear. A flashy billboard forever in your peripheral vision.

"Why are the poor directly receiving a living and I'm not?"
"Why are the rich continually doing the same thing (and getting reelected on a platform of income disparity elimination)?"

"Why am I left to fend for myself despite being on everyone's lips and nothing is done for my benefit?"
"Why am I asked to have more 'skin in the game' and the first to be called on when things should be 'fairer', neither without my consent?"

Why indeed...and so another veil is pulled back. But, perhaps not in the favor of those who pour political honey in your ears, hmm? These are simply things to ponder. To reflect upon. To compare for all the years these people say thing, that nothing is being done about any of it.

All you must do is sacrifice your contentment, yourself. You must give more. You are not allowed to have it when others don't, either.

"...looking at ways to create additional options for dealing with the children in particular, consistent with our laws AND OUR VALUES." (Emphasis me as it was just kind of snuck in at the end there, wasn't it?)

Ah yes, our values. Who's values? Yours? No, always another person's. You must give of yourself by another's concept of what they think you should have and do. What are these values that are invoked, even at the end of the speaker's breath?

= = = = =

"What is the greatest lie ever created? What is the most vicious obscenity ever perpetrated on mankind? Slavery? The Holocaust? Dictatorship? No. It's the tool with which all that wickedness is built: altruism. Whenever anyone wants others to do their work, they call upon their altruism. Never mind your own needs, they say, think of the needs of... of whoever. The state. The poor. Of the army, of the king, of God! The list goes on and on. How many catastrophes were launched with the words 'think of yourself'? It's the 'king and country' crowd who light the torch of destruction. It is this great inversion, this ancient lie, which has chained humanity to an endless cycle of guilt and failure."

Such are the words of a modern, fictional incarnation of a certain someone from our country's not-too-distant philosophical history. But the real notion? The notion as expressed by an IMMIGRANT to the U.S.?

= = = = =

What is the moral code of altruism? The basic principle of altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, virtue and value.

Do not confuse altruism with kindness, good will or respect for the rights of others. These are not primaries, but consequences, which, in fact, altruism makes impossible. The irreducible primary of altruism, the basic absolute, is self-sacrifice—which means; self-immolation, self-abnegation, self-denial, self-destruction—which means: the self as a standard of evil, the selfless as a standard of the good.

Now there is one word—a single word—which can blast the morality of altruism out of existence and which it cannot withstand—the word: “Why?” Why must man live for the sake of others? Why must he be a sacrificial animal? Why is that the good? There is no earthly reason for it—and, ladies and gentlemen, in the whole history of philosophy no earthly reason has ever been given.

It is only mysticism that can permit moralists to get away with it. It was mysticism, the unearthly, the supernatural, the irrational that has always been called upon to justify it—or, to be exact, to escape the necessity of justification. One does not justify the irrational, one just takes it on faith. What most moralists—and few of their victims—realize is that reason and altruism are incompatible.

= = = = =

Simply things to ponder as we celebrate our Independence, our country's foundation as the brainchild of The Enlightenment, and indeed seeing that legal immigrants can contribute wonderful things to society. Points to ponder, milestones against which you can gauge your life's experiences. Enjoy.


"Never let a crisis go to waste".

Who said that?

Hint: at least one top democrat since the age of obama began .


Re: "Who said that?"

Most recently, it was a current big city mayor who's got his own financial "crisis" in a state with the worst credit rating in the U.S.

Stop It

You just took up the space of two of your blogs, HZ. lol...

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

This stuff really works me up. I knew it was going to be a doozy. But one-liners just can't solve something like this and who with an American flag lapel pin is ever going to talk like this? It just... Grr. There's a summary in that last sentence.

The Big Dog's back

I'll ask you the same question. Since the Repubs don't want to act on this, should the President sign a Presidential order?


LOL no idiot, just enforce the laws we have now!!! Not too difficult to grasp is it?




Please don't bring up current laws to fix what is currently happening. It needs something new. Enforcing current laws aren't needed, it requires something new.


The current laws if and I say IF, were enforced this problem would not be happening. Maybe Obama hasn't watched the news lately to see there is a problem. Since that's his excuse for every single issue that's plaguing his lawless administration.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

No. Not unless he sends the National Guard down to help which should already be in his authority to do. He needs to enforce current laws and shut his mouth about all the exemptions and dreaming that drew them here in the first place. He should be making bold, clear statements about being a nation of laws and order, not immigrants. He should be addressing the governments down there to have them stem the tide, or at least work with their consulates to encourage legal immigration.

That is the humane and responsible thing to do, among other things.


It is a very sad situation and a confusing one....I get there are laws and we can't just start letting people come in illegally. But then there are the children whose parents want better for their kids...I get that...and I get that we have children in our own country who need homes....but it is hard to look at these children and not have compassion for them! God only knows what bad things could happen to them....I see our government using them for political gain and that's just as sad! Both sides need to STOP thinking of their political parties and gain and do something about this NOW!! But as usual they are so wrapped up in themselves they can't see past the noses on their face! God help the children!


It would appear predictably, that wrongheaded, bleeding heart liberal benevolent policies are collapsing in bureaucratic chaos.

The Cloward–Piven strategy: Overwhelm the system into collapse to bring about a socialist revolution.



This terrible situation was self-created in part by the current admin.

1. Pres. Obama suspends the deportation of illegal immigrant juveniles who were brought here as children.

"Obama also created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which gives a more formal reprieve from deportation to so-called Dreamers, undocumented young people who entered the U.S. as children."


2. This action becomes misconstrued in Central America in that the U.S. is not deporting children. They then began to arrive in droves (approx. 60,000 at last count).

NOW, Mr. Obama is taking action on the border to halt the influx.

Nothing quite like the quixotic activity of causing and attempting to solve his own self-made problems and then per usual blaming it on someone else.


Dr. Information

Its official. The SR gets paid every time they cue in an article about Obama. The love for this horrible president is sickening.


Touchy subject here for the SR, say the wrong thing and you'll get an Op'ed from Matt on how horrible you are for not wanting illegal immigration.


Oh look, the loony left is making signs in English for these illegals to protest. Pack em up and send them home, then bill their home country for their care and transportation.


Nope. This problem was not caused by the current administration. Nor are the tides, lunar eclipses, or any other issues that quite obviously were problems prior to 2009.

Question for Contango. You certainly keep yourself informed, albeit from mostly conservative leaning "news" outlets. I'm wondering how you have time to research, catalog and index what apparently is a huge trove of information?

Let's see, you post things most every day, during the morning, afternoon and evening. So, it's apparent that you don't work fulltime (if you do work fulltime, you're certainly cheating your employer for the large amount of time you spend online).

I'm going to take an educated guess: you're retired and thus, have a lot of free time on your hands. That puts you in the "older" cross-section of America. Hmm...you're angry about everything. What else? You're most likely white, since you're quite obviously conservative and the vast majority of non-whites find the Republican platform appalling.

So...what do we have? Old. White. Angry. Sounds like the target Fox audience member. But wait, if you're retired, you're probably receiving Social Security and perhaps Medicare. Wow - I guess that makes you one of the 47% that Mitt warned us about?


Re: "Question for Contango,"

In my experience, when seeking information, its best not to ask and then assume the answers to one's own questions or quite frankly - what's the point?

Thanks for reading.


The only real experience you have involves a gallon of Kessler's.


Re: "The,"

To quote you:

“You're not making any sense....as usual!”

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Which other stereotypes do you impose on people and not allow them to escape? It's quite progressive of you to make presumptions about other people's lives, especially by dragging race into it. But, I do believe we had this conversation before when you all but suggested that Muslims are typically terrorists and women are typically pregnant and in the kitchen.

So if you are black and conservative, don't let freethinker know because you will be put back in your place. If you are gay and don't want to participate in parades and wave rainbow flags, just wanting to live quietly and not hurt anyone then don't let freethinker know. You will be dragged out by your sexuality and forced to be put on display.

This, according to freethinker, is compassion and everyone knowing their place. Their predetermined societal role that cannot have any deviation. If you have the audacity to not meet his/her expectations of you then you are to be ridiculed and pre-judged.


"Democrat hopes immigration crisis isn't 'Obama's Katrina moment'"




"Obama is set to hold fundraisers in Dallas and Austin during the two-day trip, but he has no plans to visit the border,"

Hopefully in addition to the fundraisers, the Incompetent-in-Chief can get in a round or two of golf.

He needs to stick to the only two things to which he's got some expertise.


The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Yesterday's two billion is now almost four.

Darwin's choice

It's the democratic way.....

"when doing it once, double or triple the price! We can justify the pork!"

Just like the Veterans help resolutions.....