Motorcyclist thrown from bike

A worker at Sealmaster Pavement Products suffered serious injuries this morning when he was leaving work at the Campbell Street company.
Jul 7, 2014


The accident occurred just before 6 a.m., the Ohio State Patrol reported. 

William D. Gahimer, 34, Vickery, was riding a 1998 Suzuki Dyno Jet motorcycle. He was leaving the plant and lost control of the bike as he was accelerating, the Patrol said. The motorcycle overturned and ejected Gahimer onto the pavement.

The accident remains under investigation.  


lunchtime 175

yet another motorcycle accident. He must of been taking off too fast for that type of motorcycle.


must HAVE been. and really how do you know for sure?


Or not know how to drive or Oooppppsss an accident because um sure you drive your car perfect all the time and ever had an at fault accident!


Thanks Dick Tracy for that keen insight! I never would have gleaned that from the article.


Why are you bringing me into this?


motorcycles should be required to have automatic ejection seats.


...and parachutes (you were joking , right ?).


This guys works nights and maybe just tired who knows. This is why they investigate.


I bet he wasn't wearing long underwear either!

Im so sick of the OSP and Register pushing their helmet agenda with every report of an accident, get over it, the people do what they want and if you don't like it TOUGH.

Maybe the next time the OSP masturbates with a juvenile we should report if they were wearing protection! They already reported that they use dressers to separate the minor from the professional law enforcer! The OSP is pathetic.