Woman arrested for insurance scam

Woman and man allegedly drive a vehicle into two parked motorcycles
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 7, 2014


A Sandusky woman was indicted for her alleged role in a fraudulent automobile insurance claim scene.

Chastity Hodgkinson, 24, of the 900 block of Perry St., was indicted and arrested last month on charges of complicity to commit insurance fraud, complicity to obstruction and perjury.

Hodgkinson allegedly helped stage a May 16, 2013 car accident in the parking lot of the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church on Shelby Street, Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter said.

Hodgkinson and one man allegedly conspired in the crash: they drove a vehicle into two parked motorcycles, officials said. 

Those motorcycles belonged to a second man, and it was his insurance company, Geico, that caught on to the group's scheme.

According to Baxter and Erie County assistant prosecutor Aaron Lindsey, Geico had received an excessive amount of claims from the motorcycle-owner.

That ultimately led investigators back to Hodgkinson, as she was the driver operating the vehicle in the May 2013 crash, Baxter said.

Had the group succeeded in their scam, the insurance pay-out for the bikes would have totaled about $4,600. Meanwhile, the vehicle damage was valued at $1,300.

Hodgkinson's legal troubles deepened a few months after the crash, in July 2013. She testified under oath at the Erie County Law Library regarding the validity of the insurance claim, Baxter said.

The two other men involved—the bike owner and the one who allegedly helped Hodgkinson execute the crash—have not been charged or arrested in the case.

Hodgkinson is being held at the Erie County jail on $25,000 bond.



Interesting. Serious felony charges and jailing for $5900 insurance fraud but misappropriating $260,000 of city assets and multiple acts of fraud related to accepting payments from tenants, results in a misdemeanor for Baxter's friend Joe Yost.


You forgot that this lady is sitting in jail as well. Where is Mr. Yost?


There was a car dealer that got caught scamming an insurance company for some work on his business that was less that Mr. Yost's scam amounted to. That car dealer is still rotting in jail...


Government, all 3 branches, at all levels is corrupt.


To bad Ms. Hodgkinson doesn't know the right people in Erie County.


Regardless of the corrupt nature of Yost penalties, this lady deserves every bit of hers seemingly.


Of course she does but so does Yost.



Julie R.

What about the probate court giving a Huron insurance agent and the manager of a Huron bank two years after my mother's death to get everything left from contracts criminally changed before her death out of her name before some snake Lorain County attorney filed a forged Will prepared by her Huron attorneys.

Was that a scam, Mr. Baxter?


Just curious who got everything in this will? Family member? Only because you comment on it all the time. ..

Julie R.

Well, now that you mention it there is one thing I still can't figure out.

Once again, the probate court gave the d-bags from Huron two years after my mother's death to get everything left from contracts (the money from my mother's side of the family) that were criminally changed before her death out of her name and into the joint bank accounts of her wealthy old Italian spouse & his stepdaughter before the attorneys filed that joke forged Will that said "all property, real and personal, went to the spouse."

So considering that, how did that title company that sure was quick to deny title insurance to the realtor (i.e. Maximal Properties LLC) for the property of my deceased mother & stepfather that he obtained at that scam sheriff sale know (as stated in the DENIAL) that "the 1st owner's 4th beneficiary (name) has a legitimate claim to the property." In other words, how did that title company know my mother's 4th beneficiary (her grandson) had been defrauded?

They also in the DENIAL referred to Binette's court-ordered sheriff sale of the property as "invalid." (gee, you don't suppose that was a nice way of saying they knew it was a scam, do ya?)


JUST from being around......
Insurance companies are scammed every day by "legitimate claims".
Homeowners get away with a LOT when it comes to insurance claims.
A limb knocks a shingle off a 20 year old roof that needs replaced anyway and the homeowner gets the whole thing replaced for free.
Seen it happen many times.


Nobody is disputing that fraud is a crime that deserves to be punished. The issue is why do Insurance Companies receive better treatment and protection from Baxter for an alleged $5,000 fraud than the City of Sandusky and private citizens receive for an alleged fraud exceeding $200,000 committed by one of friends?


I really wish someone would look into Julie's claims. How long have I been reading about her deceased mother's stolen property? Years. ..

Come on Sandusky register. ..investigative reporting. ..

Julie R.

Would you happen to know if the same criminal injustice was done to Mr. Pisano before his death as the scum from Huron did to my mother?


Sandusky Register, why do you allow julie r to continue to comment on the same thing regardless of story? Geez, cant you get her to go away?!

Julie R.

What do you mean regardless of the story? Isn't this about some woman being arrested for insurance fraud? I could write a book on that one.


that would be pretty convenient, wouldn't it? when the same thing, or worse happens to you, just shut up, bend over and take it. i believe her. her story has never changed.


Shes crazy, it all went to court. I want to say the huron ins agent was cleared of any wrong doing.

Julie R.

What do you mean it all went to court? That's a flat-out lie. The joke courts in Erie County wouldn't even address it. They wouldn't even address the Forensic Document Examiner's Report that not only stated with scientific certainty every document they examined was a forgery, they even told who the one was that forged everything ..... and she never even bothered to refute it. Why should she? She knew the courts weren't going to address it, anyway.


You just don't give up do you, Julie..get a lawyer and sue someone, unless you don't actually have a case. GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!


I totally agree beachbabe. Sandusky Register is doing a good job with the Ottawa County reporting. I am sure Julie' rant would make for good reading, also.

Julie R.

It's already made for good reading.


Glad she is behind bars she's a piece of trash anyway...

Julie R.

One thing for certain --- the courts in Erie County sure are good at pulling off SCAMS. The probate court that gave the scum-bags from Huron two years after my mother's death to get everything left from criminally changed contracts out of her name and into the joint bank accounts of a wealthy old Italian stepfather and his stepdaughter before a snake Lorain County attorney filed a forged Will prepared by my mother's Huron attorneys ....... the common pleas court that sold fraudulently transferred property at a scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report that falsely stated there were no defects in the title. Even that $50,000.00 flat-out fraud Home Equity Loan that the manager of a Huron bank allowed the one d-bag to take out only a few weeks before her stepfather's death was a scam that the courts were in on so the d-bag could end up getting almost $80,000.00 from the property that went for $120,000 at that scam sheriff sale.

And then this joke article tells how Baxter arrested some woman for a $5,000.00 insurance scam.

Julie R.

There's another SCAM that the Erie County courts pulled off, too. Do the jokes really think I don't know who else is involved in "Maximal Properties, LLC" that's using the fraudulently transferred property as rental property?