Boaters beware

Unidentified obstruction in channel near Battery Park Marina causing damage
Jul 3, 2014


Something treacherous is lurking in the water near Battery Park Marina.

But no one knows what it is -— yet.

In the past week, at least two boats sustained damage severe enough to require being taken out of the water for repair, said Jeremy Jett, dockmaster at Battery Park Marina.

On Saturday, a 63-foot Sea Ray came across the unknown obstruction in the channel near Buoy 13 in Sandusky Bay, just outside the marina, puncturing its hull.

"By the time the boat got to its dock, (it) was sinking," Jett said. "There was a huge hole in the hull."

Another boat, a 27-foot Sea Ray, also hit the obstruction, and it "destroyed the stern drive. "That's a $12,000 to $13,000 bill" for repairs, he said.

No one's been hurt as a result of the incidents, other than the beating the boat owners' pocketbooks are taking.

The marina is working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Watercraft, the Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers, trying to determine the nature of the obstruction.

The Coast Guard station in Marblehead has issued an alert to mariners to take caution when in the vicinity of the obstruction, a spokesman said.

ODNR will be using side-scanning sonar to assist in locating and identifying the object, confirmed Matt Eiselstein, deputy chief of communications for the department.

It's unclear at this time how long the mysterious obstruction has been in the water. As more people take to the water in the warm weather over the past several weekends, the marina has received more reports than usual from boaters who believe they've hit something, Jett said. Not all boaters have reported serious damage to their vessels.

Jett said it's possible something was overturned or dislodged from another location in the bay this past winter, given the harsh weather conditions and strong winds. The marina itself has "quite a bit of damage from ice," he said.


Note: This article has been modified to remove coordinates listed in original post. Those coordinates are for Battery Park Marina, not the location of the obstruction. 



rock of gib alter

From the Grave

Shouldn't be an issue since everyone is afraid to go out since the coast guard has ruined the boating industry. Just when Sandusky was turning things around, too...


12,000 to 13,000 dollars for a stern drive?? right..


I AGREE!! Have a certified cousin that would charge $1500-2000 for a complete rebuild!! Who is scamming the insurance co. here??

2cents's picture

Any chance the Coast Guard set the rock pile buoy in the wrong location this year? Fifty yards to the west and ouch!


Maybe it was South Bay Bessie!! Oh boy!!!

The Answer Person

Probably it's Jimmy Hoffa found at last.

Fibber Mcgee

Those Darn MayFlies!! I thought they were finished.



AJ Oliver

Hey Register, those coordinates (+41° 28',-82° 42') appear to be inaccurate. They are for a location inside of the Battery Park Marina. Please correct: as you indicate, this is a safety issue. Someone could get hurt - or worse. People, how about if we save the jokes until after this thing is properly located?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks AJ. 


These ppl make fun of deaths ... Your boat is fair game!



AJ Oliver

From an email notification I was sent about the obstruction (no source cited), it may be close to (41.471598, -82.699382). This is just east of the split in the channel. Can someone check this out? Thanks !! Time for these folks to earn their money - "Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Watercraft, the Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers"

Fibber Mcgee

Boaters like you I'm sure are smart enough to get it corrected and stay safe. Our comments are in fun and no-one will get harmed just because we post it.

Bada Bing

Why doesn't some one tie a bouy to it and mark it until the authorities can handle it. If I can mark a fish with my fish finder why can't we figure this out? This is so simple ,let's do this before anything else happens


Bling lost off the side of CP exec's yacht.