Train derailed in Bellevue

No injuries reported.
Jul 1, 2014


A train derailed just south of Bellevue at about 8 a.m. today.

As of this afternoon, crews and Sandusky County law enforcement were still clearing the scene, a Bellevue police dispatcher said.

No one was injured during the derailment.

The train veered off the tracks near Kinney Street, and a cause has not yet been determined.

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Are those cars from the railroad museum? Look a bit old to be in service.

Licorice Schtick

Seriously! That's obviously a passenger car. Looking forward to the story.

da wind

looks like they are gunna pick it up by hand


rumour is someone put a penny on the track


No these Cars Belong to Orrville Railroad Heritage Society These cars came from Owosso, Michigan The NKP 765 used them for an event.

I was not on site today to witness until someone told me today but 2wks ago I saw the cars in person and as a Local Rail-fan it was nice to see Passenger cars mixed in with fright. sometimes thing's like this happen and this is why we need to be careful around the tracks. Thank God No one was hurt!


Well looks like those darn boys at the coal dock are responsible for that one too huh!!!!!!


Sir Top'em Hat is very cross. They have caused confusion and delay.


LOL! ram03