Sex offenders fail to register

Erie County deputies issue warrants for two Sandusky men
Courtney Astolfi
Jun 30, 2014

Erie County deputies investigated three local sex offenders this week who appeared to be non-compliant with their registration duties.

Two of those incidents resulted in deputies issuing warrants for Sandusky men who were allegedly found not to be living at their required addresses.

Zachary Irby, 43, has pending arrest warrant on fourth-degree felony charges of failing to register as a sex offender.

On Wednesday afternoon, Capt. Steve Westcott went to the Hollyrood Road home at which Irby should have been living, according to a deputy's report.

Westcott found spider webs around the door knob and noted an empty interior. A neighbor told him the home was vacant, but a landlord had been renovating the inside on occasion.

Westcott issued Irby's warrant, but according to jail records, he has not yet been located.

And on June 21, Deputy Trevor Harlow checked on Ervin Clinton Jr., 34, at his registered East Forest Drive address, according to another report.

There, a resident told Harlow Clinton had not resided at that home for about one year. Westcott looked in on Clinton's secondary Farwell Street address four days later, but a resident at that home said Clinton does not live there, nor has he for an extended period of time, the report said.

Relatives on Farwell Street told Westcott he was on the right track, after he said he'd checked homes on East Monroe and Wayne streets in his search for Clinton, the report said.

On Thursday morning however, Clinton was waiting on Westcott in the sheriff's office lobby. He was arrested on a failure to register charge and taken to the Erie County jail.

And finally, on Tuesday, prosecutors agreed to not pursue charges against a 40-year-old sex offender recently released from prison.

That man is registered as homeless, but Westcott noted he was living at a Cleveland Road hotel or occasionally staying at a Vine Street home, according to a report.

A parole officer learned he'd been living on Vine Street for several nights in a row, and had also allegedly slept or showered at a Jefferson Street apartment near a school. A boy there said the man slept on stairs leading up to the apartment, the report said.

The man later told deputies he had not violated his restrictions, as he had only spent two nights at the location, rather than the prohibited three-or-more nights.

Prosecutors declined charging him. 



More of Sandusky's fine, upstanding citizens. How does the future look to you?


probably just waiting around for free food & board, give them what they want.

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the unsilent ma...



A Clinton! Surprise! But really dude been living there for over a year! Sex offender list is a joke! Gives you a false sense if security!


I hope they throw the BOOK at them,,,Although there is no studies that show that where an affender sleeps have any bearing whether he reoffends or not.Sex offenders are the governments "biotches"! They all need to go bake me some cookies!


One question, Had the third offender been calling in as he suposed to, there would be no question on how long or whether or not he violated his terms. Evidently the offender wasnt calling in as required as "Homeless". And for the record. "Homeless seems to be able to stay wherever,off the radar of the registery. And YES, "Homeless can stay next door to a school as long as they "Call in"! But evidently, this "Homeless" person havnt. I be this third person is white. 2 blacks and they want to be particular with!


And also for the record, Secondary addresses are not listed on the record. Very Deceptive!


Prosecutors decided to NOT pursue Charges against an offender "RECENTLY RELEASED FROM PRISON! .. WOW , Pressing charges against individuals who have been out for legthny amounty of time and not reoffending, yet someone who committed a crime enought to get him locked up, and not out but a short of period of time, yet they give him the benefit of the doubt when he doesnt conform? And I say non comformant because had he been calling in as he should as homeless, there wouldnt be any question to where hes been and how long he has been there.


And what is even more funnier is.. if they get convicted, they will be convicted for something they didnt do...! or rather accused or not doing! Rim shot please! LOL People WAKE UP! When it gets to a point where poeple can get felonies for NOT doing something, or accused of not doing something it becomes a dangerous legal system!


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