Work to close Vermilion roads near railroads

Work starts Sunday and spans through July 7
Jun 28, 2014


Beginning Sunday through July 7, portions of several roads in and around the Vermilion area will close to all traffic — including emergency vehicles — as work on numerous railroad crossings occurs.

Among the closures:

• Coen Road between Kneisel and West Lake roads.

• Adams Street between Liberty Avenue and Edison Street.

• Grand Street between Liberty Avenue and Ohio Street.

• Vermilion Road between Frederick Drive and Liberty Avenue.

• Sunnyside Road near Brownhelm Station Road.

For questions, contact the Erie County engineer's office at 419-627-7710.



This isn't anything new, they block the tracks all the time with trains and get away with it!
I'm getting tired of driving two or three miles or so out of my way to get home or go somewhere!

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Why do you live near the tracks then?


I've lived here for 42 years. Never had these problems until a couple of years ago.
Probably lived here longer than you have been alive!