Take out the trash

Link to survey: Erie County asks residents about waste and recycling services
Andy Ouriel
Jun 10, 2014



Erie County officials are wondering what people want from their waste collection services.

So they crafted an online survey and encourage all county residents to answer questions pertaining to price, providers and service levels.

Take the survey

"[We want] to see if the county can provide access to more waste collections services for a fair price,” said Lisa Beursken, the county’s solid waste district coordinator. “We are collecting information from the residents to figure out what the average household is paying per month, the types of services offered and to see if there is interest in curbside trash, yard waste and recycling services.”

Officials estimate county residents, on average, pay $66 per quarter today just for trash removal.

Earlier this year, they tried to implement a one-hauler system, meaning a lone provider would pick up all trash, recycling material and yard waste within Erie County’s borders. 

Many Sandusky residents and city officials, however, slammed the plan, claiming a monopoly would occur and force other small haulers out of business.



Attempted to take survey, however, none of the radio buttons would work. Oh well.


The information is none of the county's business. The county is making a big mess of the one hauler program. They have no idea what they are doing. Either the county does it up right the first time or it doesn't do it at all. It is like anything else the county gets themselves into without doing their homework and it becomes a big costly mess. The extra cost will be handed down to the customer in bigger bills.


What, is this yet ANOTHER attempt to go to a single carrier? To charge whatever they want -- and get it -- because we have no other choice? To put all of the carriers that DON'T get the contract out of business? Excuse me, but some of us LIKE having a choice (especially since some haulers happen to offer better service than others)!

getit right be4...

I filled out the survey with lots of words like free enterprise.


Those of us who don't want a single hauler system have to keep our voices heard. County officials will keep trying to force this on us and convince us that it's going to benefit us. I completed the survey...told them I'm opposed to having a single hauler, and why!