Man dies after 4 thrown from bikes

Three others injured when pickup turned in front of motorcyclist
Jun 8, 2014


A man was killed late Saturday and two others were critically injured when two motorcycles and a pickup collided on Ohio 53 north of Ohio 2. 

Thomas Lamb, 53, of Boardman, was pronounced dead at the scene, the State Highway Patrol said. 

Angela Lamb, 49, a passenger on a 2012 Harley Davidson, and Susie Gonzales, 35, of Port Clinton, the driver of a 1997 Dodge Dakota pickup, were flown to St. Vincent's in Toledo, both with serious injuries, the Patrol said.

John Rice, 43, and Amy Rice, 42, of Toronto, Ohio, who were riding a 2008 Honda 1300, were transported to Magruder hospital.

Miguel Popoca, 37, of Port Clinton, was a passenger in the pickup, also was transported to Magruder. 

Gonzales and Rice were northbound on Ohio 53 when Gonzalez began to make a left turn. Lamb struck he right side of the pickup, ejecting both passengers from the bike. Rice struck Lamb's Harley, ejecting both passengers.

Alcohol is not suspected to be a factor in the crash, the Patrol said, and the investigation is continuing.

The motorcyclists and their passengers all had helmets on when the accident occurred about 10:45 Saturday.



Sad story. Prayers for all involved. How many motorcycle accidents do you see where the car turned left in front of them? I've always said, motorcycles aren't dangerous, it's the people driving cars who are dangerous.


It's physics. Bike vs car, car vs SUV vs semi vs train... The larger vehicle occupants always has the higher survival rate. That is why motorcycles are dangerous. Accidents will happen someone will be at fault but the bike will always lose.

You cant be distracted when sharing the road with motorcycles. Bikes accelerate much faster than cars. They will appear out of no where. The second it takes to look at your cell, bam they are right there. That's why I turn my cell to airplane mode when I'm on the road and don't want to be tempted.


Yes and no.

Yes, it's physics, and yes, curb weight correlates with safety, but less than you think. Even a compact car weighs something on the order of four time as much as a Super Glide, but even if you managed to make a 2600 pound motorcycle, it would still be far more dangerous: no seat belt, no rollover protection, no side impact protection, no airbags. Add to that the physics of a two-wheeler; all turns must be anticipated and "set up" - the physical impossibility of instantly initiating a turn makes make the crash-avoidance capability of two-wheelers horrible compared to cars. And then there's gravel.

That motorcycles are only about twice as dangerous as cars can only be explained by concluding that they are driven much more carefully, on balance, despite the many anecdotal examples of completely idiotic operation.

There is no basis in physics for faster acceleration by bikes. If a cyclist is endangered by faster acceleration, it's due to bad choice.


I respectfully disagree with you when you say that bikes are not dangerous. The poor driving of everyone around you (cars or bikes) is precisely what makes motorcycles dangerous. You can be the smartest, safest motorcyclist in the world, but in a situation like this, it just doesn't's the risk that motorcyclists take...I just wonder how people still find the thrill/joy of riding still worth it at a time like this. Just in peace.


Motorcycles are never to fault? I believe the accident in Sandusky just this week was where the motorcycle ran into the truck and the motorcyclist was injured and at fault.


observer never said "motorcycles are never at fault". He/she just said "How many motorcycle accidents do you see where the car turned left in front of them?"


No, unless Observer edited the post, which says, " aren't dangerous, it's the people driving cars..."

Motorcycles are about twice as dangerous to the occupants than cars.

Licorice Schtick

Motorcycles are about twice as dangerous to the occupants than cars, on a per mile basis. In real life, it's perhaps worsen than you think; because it's recreational, most of those miles are in addition to what would have otherwise been driven.


I'm confused. How can the pickup, making a left turn get hit in the right side when both the pickup and the cycle were traveling in the same direction? Popoca, the passenger in the right seat was not injured?

Matt Westerhold

The article's been updated adding that the passenger in the pickup also was injured. We'll seek updates. Thanks for the question. 

Fibber Mcgee

For this to have happened the truck had to be southbound, and making a left hand turn.


There were two bikes. Truck and one bike going North and one bike going South. Truck turned in front of the southbound bike.


I was just going to ask that very question so I'm glad to see that Matt W is going to be looking into it. I was actually really relieved to see that Bike Week had nearly come to an end and there were no incidents - not counting the idiot in the monkey suit. Really hope everyone is ok.


update the spelling of this article, does anyone edit this stuff?


"Update" should be capitalized and there should be a period after "article", thus creating two separate sentences, as I'm sure you intended. Perhaps it is you that needs an editor. A story about loss of life, yet all you can do is spell-check...get a life.

Licorice Schtick

There's some principle that states that if you post a comment correcting someone's typo, it too will contain a typo. Don't remember what it's called.

I do know what you call pointless comments that end in "Get a life" - hypocrisy and irony. Both apply.


This fast breaking news. Now you are just being petty. Most spelling mistakes have little to do with reading comprehension. Goal is to communicate effectively.

From the Grave

But, they are supposedly professional writers. Misspelling certain words in the English language can totally change the meaning of word, thus changing the actual information given.


Bikers have no consideration for people at all.. they think the road is theres they have the same rights to the road as we do no different!! Its sad at least one person dies a year. They drink so much and want to show off there bikes and race done the street fly by speeding swerving! They say look out for motorcycles but do they watch out for us people thats driving in cars trucks suv etc. Its a sad situation for them. And there familys there in my prayers bikers needs to be more cautious as we do to.


I agree. Many times I've seen guys on bikes weaving in an out of traffic and I hope they don't cause an accident. Or I've drove down the road and a couple of motorcyclist are blocking the road so the rest of them can ride through the intersection with out giving right of way.

lunchtime 175

I think people on motorcycles may get in a hurry to make a left turn and not realized maybe the vehicle in front front of them might make the same turn and that is where the accidents happen. Works the same way sometimes when making right turns or when cycles try to pass a vehicle and the vehicle is in the process of turning and the bikes run into the cars, pickups, etc. Everyone needs to slow down an bit and watch out for the other traffic, etc and always think ahead to maybe realize that vehicle in front of them may be getting ready to turn, etc. Not everyone uses their turn signals and that is a mistake that is quickly noticed by police and people can be cited for not using their turn signals.


Never trust a turn signal. How many times I have been on my bike, and watched someone coming down the road with their turn signal on, only to continue forward, not turning. For the most part drivers are not really driving the vehicles, but just steering them while doing other things. Motorcycles are safe, when common sense is applied by both driver and rider.


Motorcycles are necessarily more careful drivers out of safety concerns. Young drivers are the worst, no turn signals, tailgating, no yield to right-of-way. Cars are worse than MC any day.
Just remember: if you get behind me, my speed is equal to your distance in feet between your car and mine.


There is many times where there is older people on there bike riding my bumper so my smart self I drive slow and they get mad and try to ride it some more riding my tail is not going to make any person drive faster.. they are crazy as can be.


Agreed phatmama, tailgating IS the #1 cause of accidents and the cops would rather major on drinking because it brings them credits and the government money. I pull off and let the jerks by, on route 2 the Huron cops and State patrol just ignore them.

But I find that more cars tailgate my bike than the other way around.


Left downtown at 8:30 and three different times I would have been creamed by a drunk driver, a turn in front of me, a biker not stopping from Franklin unto Market and an idiot passing me on Rt 2 and then cutting in within inches.

And how many times have the cars tailgated us and the cops do nothing, which is the #1 cause of accidents?

I'm about to hang up my helmet after +40 years, people are too confident in technology and much too impressed with whats important to them instead of the other person.


I don't know the bikers but I have met Suzie Gonzales and I believe it was last month she thought someone was in her apartment trying to harm her and called the police. No one was there but her. She used to date a former coworker of a relative of mine. Is batshit the appropriate word?


no, but defamation is a good word when you anonymously trash a person. for the record, I don't know her or you, nor would I want to with your lack of insight.


no trashing. just sharing history.