Offensive costume not welcomed at Bike Week

Police have contingency plan should protestor return to event this weekend.
Courtney Astolfi
Jun 7, 2014


A person dressed in a gorilla suit and gold chains, who carried a sign reading “Obama's Real Daddy” and attached a sex toy to the front of the costume, drew ire from the Sandusky community after walking around Ohio Bike Week in the get-up Thursday evening.

A gorilla, a sign and an appendage

If the person—believed to be a man—returns to the festivities again Friday or Saturday, he will be dealt with swiftly, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said.

Orzech conferred with Sandusky law director Don Icsman about the issue Friday afternoon and spoke with Sandusky NAACP President Jim Jackson as well, after receiving multiple complaints from local residents.

Jackson told the Register he's received more calls and inquiries about the protester than any other recent issue.

"In 2014, this is happening now? You would think this would be gone. It goes beyond making fun of Obama. He's making fun of his race suggesting suggesting the president is the son of an animal," Jackson said. "What that individual is doing is dangerous."

Dangerous indeed. Police now have a contingency plan in place should the person return because officers were concerned the man's offensive costume could spark violence, Orzech said.
“We've been...researching it all afternoon and we have a plan in place if the individual shows. I can't share our operational plan, but the issue will be addressed if it happens again," Orzech said. 
He said officials have to tread lightly in this situation, as they cannot infringe on the individual's constitutional right to free speech.
However, that is not to say the man will be allowed to roam Sandusky's streets with a large genitalia-shaped sex toy hanging from his waist.
"If he was just in a gorilla suit and doing it, we would be limited in what we could do, but if he's there with an enhancement, so to speak, there's some other issues we can address," Orzech said. 
Ohio Bike Week organizer Steve Ernst also weighed in on the matter, noting the person was not affiliated with the official event in any way.
“We want to handle this responsibly, but it is a free speech issue,” Ernst said. “You can't stop people from being idiots.”

Lifetime Sandusky resident Racquel Pace was disgusted when she saw a picture of the costume on Facebook Friday.

“It's just disturbing. How disgusting is this, for someone to be walking around like that. What if my kids saw that? It's uncalled for,” Pace said.

“People are there to have a good time. You have no idea what people will do in retaliation to that,” she said, noting that she'd heard chatter around the community that an officer asked the man Thursday night to simply remove the appendage.

Orzech said he only learned of the complaint Friday afternoon— no police reports had been filed on the matter Thursday.

Orzech did say all officers on foot patrol at Ohio Bike Week have been briefed on how to deal with the costume if it surfaces again.

“Once I found out about it, I was just trying to make sure we don't have any further issues,” Orzech said. “We're not attorneys, we're police that try to enforce the law and these things are complex.”



You need another plan now that CP closed for the day. Good Luck!

looking around

Probably the Outlaws mascot.


Freedom of Speech bring some serious challenges, But if we are to have freedom, we have to endure the offensive with the brilliant.

Sitting In The ...

Very well put....thank you


People shorting orgasmic joy on the Washington Street Pier is Freedom of Speech?

I guess we've done away with any mores and morals because ANTHING can be freedom of speech.... but that's for the COURTS to decide - not cops.


Protecting Freedom of Speech is not a law enforcement issue.

Freedom of Speech is an issue for the courts.

Walking around Bike Week drunk speaking unwanted obscenities to women and children is freedom of speech. It's also assault. But still it will get you arrested and let the court decide.

Police/prosecutors are not allowed to pre-determine First Amendment issues. Law enforcement is to enforce the law. Walking around showing off a DILDO is illegal. Arrest the person and let the courts sort it out.


So if someone says "I'm gonna kill Matt Westerhold" that's okay because it's Freedom of Speech?

Or if someone shows a porn video to a 12-year-old...?

Or if some 40-ish woman walks up to a 17-year-old boy and asks if he'd like to learn about sex from an expert?

You can't bring up the underage issue because Apeshit was wearing a FAKE PENIS for children to see.... because Bike Week is a family event.

Dwight K.

So no one saw where a person in a gorilla costume went?



God Of Thunder

What a jack off


But he (she?) needed a plastic penis.
If the REAL thing had been on display.....?

It's the DILDO boys!!!


And....once again, racism is on full display.

Bottom Line

Correct. And the entire NAACP is just as racist as this one isolated idiot. But you're just fine with that.


I bet it is Darwin.


Evolution. That is what Obama wants taught in our schools. So let it be. I guess my religious beliefs aren't so bad to teach now, Are they?


I understand you are against it because you have yet to evolve.

But how do you explain siblings who have totally different features?

And how did you feel about bombing in the Garden of Eden (Baghdad) and the Cradle of Civilization between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers as defined in The Bible?


Words & actions like this .. Only have the power that we give them.
The "register" gave this hooligan everything he wanted.
It'so utterly-ridiculous - why pay any attention to it.
If this depiction can really impression someone & effect what is in their heart .... then that person is weak and has no moral compas & very little conscience.


Whose to say that he was or wasn't being racist? What if all that was meant by this is he was tired of Obama monkeying around? Why is it that people take gorillas and afro Americans to a racist level? Grow up and find the humor in it. He didn't have a sign that said any racial slurs on it right? The dido was too far especially with kids being present but the rest of it was funny