'The bear is loose'

Obama goes out and about, leaves White House on foot
Associated Press
May 24, 2014


"The bear is loose!"

Those were President Barack Obama's words as he ditched his motorcade and left the White House on foot, favoring the fresh air in a walk toward the Interior Department.

Tourists near the White House never expected to see the president in person on a steamy spring afternoon. One woman squealed with delight; another suggested she thought Wednesday's sighting might be an Obama impostor.

Since taking office, Obama has grumbled periodically about the claustrophobia that sets in when his every move is surrounded by intense security. That makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the simple pleasures that others take for granted.

"It's good to be out," Obama said.

Traditionally, whenever the president leaves the White House, he travels by motorcade or helicopter. Before he arrives at his destination, Secret Service agents have prepared security, which generally keeps Obama at a distance from anything unpredictable.

Life in this bubble can feel suffocating.

For Obama, relief frequently comes in the form of a weekend golf outing, usually at a military base. But every once in a while, the golf course just doesn't cut it.

"I don't get a chance to take walks very often," Obama said this past week. "Secret Service gets a little stressed. But every once in a while I'm able to sneak off."

Nearly six years into his presidency, Obama seems to be sneaking off just a bit more often.

Last week, diners at a Shake Shack near the White House looked up from their cheeseburgers to see Obama and Vice President Joe Biden stroll in. The White House said Obama was there to promote government-financed work projects and a proposed minimum wage increase, but the hastily arranged visit raised a few eyebrows.

Three days later, Obama was en route to a fundraiser in suburban Maryland when his motorcade made a detour and pulled into a park.

Obama stopped by a baseball field where Little League teams were getting ready for a game. Obama lobbed a few balls toward home plate and posed for photos.

White House officials offered little explanation for the stop, other than to point out that Obama was scheduled later in the week to travel to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. That visit, officials said, was aimed at promoting tourism to the U.S. as a way to boost the economy.

"And, no, this not just an excuse to go the Baseball Hall of Fame," Obama's senior adviser, Dan Pfeiffer, wrote in a blog post.

Former White House aides said it's always gratifying to depart from the norm by allowing the president to interact more directly with people, even if it's a major headache for those responsible for making it happen.

"Staff loves it, Secret Service hates it," said Ari Fleischer, who traveled frequently with President George W. Bush as his press secretary. "They want everything buttoned down and under total, nothing-could-possibly-go-wrong control."


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I’d like to suggest he go for a long walk…..off a short pier.




That sounds like a true Christian wish?


The people voted for him. That is why he got elected.


It shows the majority of people are morons.


"thinkagain" My same advice for GWB but he never did that. Things sure would have been better had old GWB just disappeared. Never could stomach old George but 8 years passed thank goodness and he was gone.




Re: "Three days later, Obama was en route to a fundraiser in suburban Maryland when his motorcade made a detour and pulled into a park."

It backed-up traffic and p*ssed a lot of rush hour commuters off.


"Obama Caused A Huge Traffic Jam After He Stopped To Play Catch":



You are ridiculous pooh. You find fault in anything this man does. Anything!!! Sad that you are miserable!


Re: "You are(snip)"

Yea, 'F' the commuters and all hail Dear Leader eh?

Reminded me of Pres. Clinton's infamous haircut.

"Two of Los Angeles International Airport's four runways were shut down for nearly an hour on Tuesday, some incoming flights were delayed and Air Force One sat on the tarmac with engines running,"


Pterocarya frax...

Thank goodness Republicans never do things like that!




Of course that kind of behavior is 'expected' of country club Repubs.

Aren't Dems supposed to be thoughtful and considerate to the masses? :)


It is obvious that obamabots, libs, and probably democrats in general have no memory. They only see or imagine the moment and future, and it is whatever Obama or some lib tells them it will be.

What they ''remember'' about Republican administrations is either written down or fed to them daily by the leftist propagandists.

In all likelihood they burn their hands often... and bite into scalding hot pizza time after time.


Yes, please lecture Democrats on their short memory, since Republlican memories only go back to January 2009... In a recent poll 40% of Republicans blame Obama for the White House's poor response to Hurricane Katrina...which took place 3 years before he took office.

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Did I just read an article about Obama wanting to get outside and act like a normal human being?

This is a pointless article.


If Obama wants to get outside and act like a normal human being, he should feel free to resign any time he likes. I'm entirely supportive of him not feeling claustrophobic, or being bored by pesky little things like national security briefings. TOTALLY supportive!

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I see he just made a secret trip to Afghanistan. This was a diversion article.


What about Benghazi? What about jobs? What about the economy? What about the corruption at the IRS? OH sorry about that last one I forgot he said not "one smidge of corruption there". Bhhhhwwwaaaaaaaa!


Re: "IRS"

"Federal employees owe $3.3B in back taxes":


Wonder if Mr. Obama is gonna get "mad as hell" over this?

Darwin's choice

Think what the VA could do with that amount of money........!


H*ll, there's an estimated $300B in uncollected taxes and the Joke-in-Chief continues to b*tch about raising taxes on the rich.

Just collecting what's owed would fill a large hole.



I'm sure he would be "mad as hell" if only he knew about it! Here's hoping the news media reports something. That's apparently how Obama learns EVERYthing...


Obama had nothing to do with Benghazi, according to the first eight (8) bipartisan investigations. Jobs? We have added more than 9 million since he took office, easily replacing the 6 million lost during the final 2 years of the Bush presidency. The economy? The recovery continues and is going well. All markers are up, which is why consumer confidence in the economy is in the high 70's, after cratering to the low 30's in late 2008. The IRS saga was a non-scandal: the only group that actually GOT censured was a Denocrat-leaning group.

I know, I know....you conservatives re just aching for a real scandal, one that would take down Obama. And since one hasn't occurred, you have to invent them.

Darwin's choice

Still drinking from big dogs porcelin waterbowl!!


You guys are downright COMICAL!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

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Yes they are. You can tell rush leads them around by their nose.


And you can tell the liberals just can't stand the truth :)


We just prefer the REAL truth, not the "invented" kind that passes for news on Fox. Doesn't it bother you that all of the other American and international media outlets has a completely different take on the news than they do?

Of course, you don't realize that, because you're trapped in that alternate universe, like a little fish that doesn't realize that it is in water. The world really looks different through Fox tinted glasses, especially when you don't realize that you're seeing it through such a biased filter.

I'm reading a fascinating book about a liberal who used to work for Fox News for 8 years. It's a candid expose of the systemic bias of RightWing media. "An Atheist in the FOXhole", by Joe Muto.

Fox is most notable for what they DON'T say. They typically only tell half of the story; the half that bolsters their particular political leanings. If their version is the only version you hear, it sounds very plausible, but that's the problem. You rarely get the full, unbiased story. And, if it's something that makes them look bad, they don't report it at all. Last week a Fox News anchor was arrested for going postal on a flight. Fox was the only media outlet that didn't cover it.

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I watch/read Fox, along with CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC news.

Can you please direct me to an unbiased news network? All of them are. Do you know how many familyties are connected to the White House staff, with the major news networks? It's a ridiculous amount.


Fox, Fox, Fox.

And this from a guy who listens to 'comedian' Bill Maher as gospel. lol

Yea, I know, I know, if it weren't for Fox, the unwashed masses would see the wisdom and truth of the progressives' socialist message and the U.S. would become the Land of Cockaigne.

Let's all hold hands and sing "The Internationale" shall we?


Re: "I'm reading a fascinating book,"

Reading a valuable primer like "House Selling for Dummies" would be time better spent.

Lota great tips.


Coaster fan you presume to know what I watch and listen to and as usual you are incorrect, as I watch them all. I would never watch just one news outlet but I do choose to be informed so much unlike the unformed population who not only voted for Obama twice but will probably blindly vote for Hillary. Pathetic. You say that Benghazi is not the presidents fault, or the IRS really doesn't have a "smidge of corruption", or that jobs are on the up swing and the economy is just fine, or that the government isn't overspending. You liberals really are too much, you will swallow anything this president feeds you. Just a bunch of lemmings. How's the weather there in your own little world?

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You right wingnuts boast the fox has the most viewers but when confronted with it you say I don't watch fox news. At least have the intestinal fortitude to own up to it.

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This right wingnut watches Fox and all other news networks. What do you watch Big Dog?


I do watch Fox, but not exclusively. Not like you lieberals who only watch MSNBC and the Clinton News Network. LOL


Now who is presuming to know what someone watches on tv? Fox/Faux provides the stories first but MSNBC provides facts!


Re: "MSNBC provides facts!"

ONLY is one confuses opinion with facts. :)

"Report: Opinion dominates MSNBC"