DeWine asks for help

Attorney General's office sends letter to Ethics Commission to review Fremont computer case after Register presses for information
May 23, 2014


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine  has asked the Ohio Ethics Commission to review the alleged tampering with city computers that contained sensitive information possibly related to the estimated $36 million in cost overruns that occurred during construction of the Fremont Reservoir. 

"The Sandusky County Prosecutor remains the felony prosecutor for this matter,"  attorney general prosecutor Matt Donahue wrote to the Ethics Commission on May 22. "We will maintain this matter as an open file."

Read Donahue's letter

Donahue wrote the Ethics Commission just days after the Register inquired about the status of the investigation. 

DeWine was made aware of the problem in early 2013 but he's refused to provide any status updates or any other information about his investigation since agreeing to review the alleged tampering earlier this year. 

The computers were used by former mayor Terry Overmyer and two other city workers who assisted in the development of the Fremont Reservoir project. The project's original construction cost estimate was about $9 million, but it ended up costing about $45 million to build.

The excess cost has been added to fees water customers in Fremont pay.

DeWine has refused to say whether his office will be reviewing how the final cost became five times the original estimate, or whether anything other than the alleged tampering with the computers will be reviewed by his office, the Sandusky County prosecutor's office or anyone else.

The city paid about $9,000 to restore the information that was in the three computers.

Law director Jim Melle, and Mayor Jim Ellis also have refused to provide information. 

Sandusky County Prosecutor Tom Stierwalt generally does not respond to inquiries from the public. 



Go figure, another Overmyer and Sandusky County Official involved in an "investigation" being done by DeWine Office! But, unlike the other cases DeWine can't do what they have done in the other "problems" (injustices) over in Sandusky County! To form yet another Grand Jury that finds no wrong doings and only presents what they (DeWine) want the grand jury to see or turn this "missing" money into making Sandusky County Official's look like Victim's ( dam Register & their reporting the news) instead of them being the PROBLEM! There is a Pattern over in that county and even the Attorney General is getting out of there before more crap ends up on him! It is election time for him so he has to get out of the muddy mess fast!

seriously 1137

 "...he is working hard to make sure his office provides cutting-edge criminal investigation and law enforcement training services, is rooting out public corruption..." this quote was taken off of Dewines website. What a joke!




I dont understand ehy Dewine dont just set up shop in Fremont . Would save the tax payers pn traveling time as well ad more could het done in a shorter amount pf time


My opinion is this, DeWine has done Nothing but waste Tax Payers $$$! He also has Families spend their life savings to fight for justice and then tells the families your right your son didn't commit suicide but does NOT finish the job by saying the family was right ( accident) Then does NOT make county officials accountable for their "mistakes".. But, goes above to ask a Judge to certify the grad jury that was seated (wrongly) clearly " mistakes" were made but it is legally formed. More like Civil Rights were violated now cover it up by having a " show" judge rule on it was OK. Public perceptions is all that matters to DeWine!
It does appear DeWine does have an office in SC at the courthouse with all the other Overmyers and Family member's or " lovers " since he spends sooo much time there and Doesn't do Anything to correct that county!

Peninsula Pundit

DeWhine IS a waste of taxpayer's money.
Always feeding off the public trough his entire life.
Now he's made enough that even if you throw him out, he's set for life.
The American Way!

Sal Dali

Gene, he could sit in his office in Columbus and accomplish as much a he has thus far in Sandusky County....his office has resolved nothing. If he were in Sandusky county these issues would be in his face every single day, he can avoid people better from afar.

Sal Dali

I'm not sure if the links for the letters posted above are supposed to be the same letter BUT they are; regardless, the AG's Office has incorrectly spelled Fremont as FREEMONT. Good luck finding that town in How many months have they spent in Fremont and still do not know how to spell it? More than likely a secretary typed this up for the AG but shouldn't they read what they are signing? Let's hope they don't rubber-stamp everything. Can't tell from the PDF if it is or isn't. According to the ethic commission's website, the commission should have six members and is showing three vacancies. Let's hope this doesn't affect the outcome.


Would ANYTHING ever get done if The Register didn't 'press for information' or ignite national firestorms?


Would you have this to comment on if they weren't?