Few witnesses in Day 4 of Burdine grand jury

Jailhouse death hearing wraps up in less than three hours today
Melissa Topey
May 20, 2014


3:20 p.m. — Grand jury members are done for the day. They will reconvene on May 27.

3:00 p.m. — A young man who was in the jail the night Burdine was brought in has testified. The man said he could hear a commotion but was not in a place where he could see anything. There are no other witnesses in the hallway.

2:45 p.m. — After about an hour testifying before the grand jury an apparant law enforcment officer, wearing a small identifying badge on his suti lapel, is off the stand. He refused as he left the grand jury proceedings to give his name or what he may have testified to.

1:01 p.m. — Donahue has arrived. Grand jury proceedings should begin soon.

12:09 p.m. — The grand jury was expected back at noon and Prosecutor Matt Donahue was expected to arrive. Grand jury watch — Day four, Tuesday, May 20, 2014 9 a.m. The Ohio Attorney General's office is expected to resume hearings later this morning. Check back here for updates on who get called to testify. 

Prosecutor Matt Donahue has been leading the grand jury presentation for AG Mike DeWIne. The first hearing occurred May 6 followed by two more days of testimony. Supporters of the Burdine family and other families have been at the courthouse for each hearing. 



News Mess Smithey anywhere to be seen?

Stop It

I like the hourly reporting on this case. It shows everyone wtf is going on and you gotta know it makes the AG Dept and LE in Sandco not at ease. Which is good. I still have hope that something other than a No Bill will come from this relentless reporting.


Another advantage to the coverage is if a No Bill should be returned, there is plenty of evidence to provide the USDOJ on how the grand jury was not presented all relevant evidence which should in turn justify federal intervention


News messenger shows up through out the day but she does not write anything down.must feel it is not news worthy or she will copy off of register and twist to make ut her own. Wonder why late start. I will be out there around 315 for the rally starting at 3..I heard there might be news channels there from around Ohio. Hope to see lots of people out their.


So who is the ONLY paper to actually show the protesters?



It's about time the News Mess report from their own town! Register posted picture of protesters over 5 DAYS ago!


Guess I missed it 5 days ago.