A semi, a van and a boat

Smash up on Ohio 2
Angela Wilhelm
May 20, 2014


An Ohio State trooper talks to Bruce Retza, of Parma, who was driving his van at a low speed on Ohio 2 at about 11 a.m. Monday when a semi-trailer slammed into the back of a boat Retza was towing, Ohio Highway Patrol trooper Andrew Perez said. 

The van and the boat jackknifed and came to a rest in the median. 

The westbound lane of Ohio 2 near Ohio 61 was closed for about two hours as first responders cleared the scene. 

The driver of the semi was cited. 


Erie County Resident

I guess I'm going to have to go sit out on Rt.2 and watch more. I've never seen a semi-trailer going down the road all by itself and causing accidents. I keep reading about these things in the SR but have never witnessed one.


That part of Rt 2 is designed for high speed travel. If the driver towing the boat needed to drive slowly he should have been on Rt 6 or another two lane highway that parallels Rt 2.
Since he was driving slower than the posted limit was he using his hazard flasher to alert drivers behind him, as the truckers do, when they are moving at slow speeds?
The driver towing the boat should have been cited, also, for creating a hazard by impeding the normal flow of traffic.