Chief's son gets payout

Ross Glovinsky paid $25K after getting fired from part-time police job
Andy Ouriel
May 11, 2014


A former part-time Sandusky police officer fired after being accused of driving drunk received a $25,000 going-away present from the city.

The saga of Ross Glovinsky versus Sandusky ended in early April, when officials negotiated a price to pay off Glovinsky and avoid lawsuit.

Officials did not announce or discuss the settlement. Details about it were made available when the Register sought an update on the dispute last week. 

Here’s a summary of related events:

January 2011: Glovinsky was involved in a two-vehicle crash in Lorain County, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol records. Court records show Glovinsky was originally charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, but the charge was later reduced to reckless operation.

A Highway Patrol trooper failed to administer a breathalyzer test on Glovinsky at the scene, and the trooper also didn’t obtain blood or urine samples from Glovinsky after he was taken to the hospital, a standard procedure when a driver is suspected of drunken driving incident after an accident.

Glovinsky allegedly left the scene, but the other driver followed him and blocked his vehicle in after Glovinsky pulled into a driveway in a residential neighborhood. 

Glovinsky was a part-time Perkins police officer at the time of the accident.

March 2011: Glovinsky pleaded no contest in Oberlin Municipal Court to reckless operation. He received a 10-day jail sentence, which was suspended, and a judge ordered him to pay about $580 in fines and court fees.

The judge also suspended Glovinsky's driver's license for a year, but granted him work privileges to drive, according to court documents.

Spring/summer 2011: Former interim Sandusky police chief Charlie Sams arranged to hire Glovinsky as part-time Sandusky police officer at $12 per hour. Sams was aware of the arrest and also knew the original drunken driving charge was reduced to reckless operation. 

April 2012: City manager Nicole Ard, who was fired in March, terminated Glovinsky after learning of the January arrest. 

September 2012: Glovinsky hired as part-time Huron police officer.

Fall 2013: Glovinsky appealed the termination and the appeal went before Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh Tone. Tone chastised city officials after he determined Glovinsky was improperly terminated. 

“While the city manager sent a letter to Mr. Glovinsky stating that such termination was due to a suspension of his driver’s license for one year due to a traffic violation, such reason was not related to his performance since the traffic violation occurred prior to his probationary period and was not concealed from his employer,” Tone stated in his ruling, recommending Glovinsky be rehired.

April 2014: City officials and Glovinsky come to terms on a package, according to a three-page settlement agreement the Register obtained through a public records request.

The deal either allows or directs Glovinsky to:

• Receive $25,000 paid out by the city’s insurance company.

• Dismiss his grievance with the city, including withdrawing any efforts to file a lawsuit against Sandusky.

• Submit his resignation to Sandusky police.

City officials also must:

• Provide only the dates Glovinsky worked for Sandusky, and almost remain relatively mum on his firing, in response to whenever someone wants employment information about him.

• Remove Glovinsky’s "notice of termination document" from his personnel file and place this paperwork in a separate folder.

The document also alludes to Glovinsky finding work as a Cedar Point police officer. As of early May, Glovinsky was still a part-time Huron police officer.

Glovinsky’s father, former Huron police Chief Randy Glovinsky, advocated for his son and was involved in the appeal process that occurred after Ross Glovinsky was fired.

On Tuesday, he did not want to talk about the case's details, but did say the settlement was a “small amount.”




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What a rip off just because the State Highway Patrolman didn't do his job by simply taking samples like he was supposed to obtain. Glovinsky will screw up again and no technicality will be able to help him unless his father steps in once again to intercede. Next time, he might kill someone out on the highway. The father needs to stop covering for his son and recognize the problem instead of helping the son cover it up.


SR: Check your facts, please.

OBVIOUSLY Kyle Overmyer and Tom Stierwalt were involved in this.

Dig, Matt, dig!




That was quick! Glad to notice you hate facts.

JT Adams St

Nicole Ard did the right thing in firing this guy. Someone that irresponsible should not be a police officer, and should never have been hired in the first place. The firing might have been illegal, but it sent the right message. He leaves the scene of an accident, and is hired as a police officer?

Little Giant

What role did our high paid law director Don Icsman play in this fiasco?

Julie R.

It's probably one of the reasons Nicole Ard was fired. After all, she isn't from around this area. She didn't know corrupt Erie County has two sets of rules --- one for the average citizen and another for the non-average, i.e. Baxter & Co.'s unethical GOB system. On the other hand, Don Iscman certainly must have known it. Wonder why he didn't tell Ard that firing the part-time police officer son of good ole' boy Randy Glovinsky was a no-no?


Julie R........blah blah blah you seem to hate all things Erie you cut and paste all your posts? Because the essentially say the same thing...


it's because the truth does not change..


Of all people, Glovinsky should know better than most NOT to drive while intoxicated, much less try to leave the scene!! The convoluted string of events that follow go to show the usual "long blue line" that protects LE from having to follow the same rules as the rest of us. Shame on Glovinsky & his father!

A Young Adult's...

What a joke. The firing was worth $25k? In what world? As a $12/hr officer, that amount wouldn't even be made in ONE YEAR!


Umm, that "officer" drove drunk and caused an accident and fled. Now he is supposed to police others? Anyone he pulls over should laugh in his face.


So the message is to go out, drive drunk, cause an accident, flee the scene, and, if your daddy knows the right people, the good ole' city of Sandusky will pay you $25,000 and the city of Huron will hire you for a job policing others. smdh


Merciful God! It's Mother's Day and it's a beautiful day...yet you run pictures of a less than handsome columnist; a bad cop with two chins; and two Lesbians getting it on.


Lol!!!!!! ^^^^


Citizens were this guys employer and I'm certain that most will say he should not have been hired and after learning about him we would say FIRE HIM! What does that tell you about the Socialistic anti-American membership of the Police union and how they effected the laws of this country!

All the great people trying to be honest and responsible Police and this creep was hired? And Tone can't do more research and seek advice to find a way around this ridiculous ruling?

We have completely lost all common sense in govenment!

Darwin's choice

^^^THIS^^^ !!!

There you go again

This story doesn't speak well for police officers and Mr. Randy Glovinsky. This gentleman needs to find another career.

Darwin's choice

And now he's on the board for Metroparks........(Randy Glovinski)

Julie R.

He no sooner retired as Huron's police chief when he went to work for Metroparks. Binette then appointed him not too long ago to be a park commissioner.


Blah blah blah ^^^^^^

There you go again

Well, Randy was a well-respected police chief. His son, on the other hand, .....


Seems the elder has lost a lot of credibility and respect in covering for his son.


Every time I see Ross in a Huron police uniform and in a cop car I just laugh.

Dwight K.

Well with all that money he can buy a lot of beer and burgers

Steve P

Why did Huron hire him after Sandusky fired him and does their insurance know about his record?

Julie R.

A Highway Patrol trooper supposedly fails to administer a breathalyzer test and also supposedly fails to obtain blood & urine samples from Glovinsky, which is standard procedure for anybody suspected of drunk driving after an accident ...... and then there's the city's out-of-town attorney in the court of Roger Binette who supposedly failed to follow the proper procedure with paperwork by supposedly failing to file a Cerificate of Service showing all parties had been notified of the filings, which led to the reinstatement of another fired Sandusky cop.

Do they (including the judges) really think people can't see right through the crap they pull off?


Blah blah blah^^^^^^^ we get it Julie R you don't like Erie county government sheeeeesh

Darwin's choice

And, she's correct!

Is that a problem for you?


her stories have remained consistent through the years. i believe her..


Yes she is a problem for me, because she says the same thing on EVERY post, sorry to offend your partner in crime darwin, but I just wish she would make a different point in her posts......I never said she wasnt correct genious, im just hoping for her to open her mind a little and say something else


The insurance company shouldn't be obligated to pay out on a claim for stupidity on the part of the city for not vetting the employee before hiring.



Outdoor Guy

Daddy was involved in this shady process, just as he was one of the ring leaders in the shady process of ousting former executive director of Erie MetroParks Steve Dice. Once he tore apart and divided employes he resigned his position and was suddenly a Park Commisioner. Super sketchy all around!


This is disgusting!


The troubling comment in Matt's article was Ross wanted to be a Sandusky cop because that's where the action is. Do we really want this guy carrying a loaded weapon anywhere for any reason?

Randy obviously didn't teach his son that actions have consequences and being a man means you take the consequences like a man and not have your daddy get you out of trouble.

Shame on you Randy and you used to deliver this very paper to the residents of Huron. Some example!


Everbody makes mistakes, it' whater or not you learn from them. I believe Tone was right with this and I believe that anybody should have an opportunity to better themselves. Nobody is perfect


Ross will never learn, because Ross doesnt have to....hes never been held accountable for anything hes done....hes been coddled by daddy and all the Huron cops....he feels he is entitled because of who he is and i ASSURE you he has not learned from his mistakes or he would never drink and drive again, but trust me he STILL does....


Ross will never learn, because Ross doesnt have to....hes never been held accountable for anything hes done....hes been coddled by daddy and all the Huron cops....he feels he is entitled because of who he is and i ASSURE you he has not learned from his mistakes or he would never drink and drive again, but trust me he STILL does....

Julie R.

For a county that gets a sick kick out of cheating people ~ almost as big a kick as their attorney friends & other trash get out of crimes against the elderly ~ it sure is touching how they use their power to help their buddies benefit. A $25K settlement for being fired from a $12 an hour part-time job? That's almost as disgusting as the $200K in back taxes that the prosecutor got out of paying.


Ross is the worst possible person to have a Police Officer, but thanks to daddy Im thinking he will get the full time spot in Huron...anyone wanna bet?? He is arrogant (why, I have NO idea) he thinks that because his daddy was the chief everyone has to respect him, but in reality he deserves no ones respect, this incident isnt the only time hes done something bone headed, its just the only thing hes been caught doing that hasnt been swept under the rug by another poster said Ross WILL screw up again, its just a simple matter of time....