Port Clinton native interns with Congress

Gordon Winke finishes run with House of Representatives, heading to Senate
Alex Green
May 10, 2014


Gordon Winke has to pinch himself from time to time as he climbs the U.S. Capitol steps each day to step into his place of work.

Washington, D.C., is a long way from home for this 25-year-old Port Clinton native who is readying to intern for the U.S. Senate, one week after finishing his internship at the U.S. House of Representatives.

The bright city lights are a tad brighter than those on East Perry Street. Larger-than-life personalities who’ve likely never heard of Winke’s hometown pass by him regularly.

“The Dalai Lama was on the Hill a couple months ago” he said. “Seth Rogen and John Kerry also”

It’s part of the daily routine for Winke, whose job is anything but routine. He will shortly begin his Senatorial internship, which will run through July.

He’s not quite sure what his duties will be, but he imagines the experience will be similar to his time spent at the House of Representatives.

“It was a lot of administrative duties” he said.

He is hoping to focus a bit more on policy work with the Senate internship, he said.

Winke admitted the job might not be exciting to everyone. It entails some of the same nuisances people endure in more traditional 9-to-5 jobs.

“I answer phones and help the (officials) with scheduling” he said. “As you can imagine, they’re very busy people.

“I also attend events,” he said of his favorite duty.

Many of the events are hosted by household names, in efforts to raise awareness about issues at hand. Winke gets to mingle just like his bosses, hoping some of the nation’s most powerful figures will remember his face.

Networking is how he got this gig of a lifetime, and it’s likely how he’ll advance through this ultracompetitive field.

He said he’d ultimately like to work for the U.S. State Department, a difficult landing spot amid budget sequestration.

But Winke clearly has an edge up on his competition through the internship. If nothing else, he hopes it provides him with a chance to make a difference in society.

“I like the atmosphere (of government work) that you can make an impact” he said. “And (the internships) are connecting me to people who make a difference”

The experience is just his latest achievement in an alreadyremarkable academic voyage.

Winke recently received his master’s degree in international relations from King’s College in London, England, after receiving his undergrad at Bowling Green State University.

All of it has shaped a young man fit for public service, Sen. Sherrod Brown said when he met with Winke recently.

“It was an honor to meet with Mr. Winke,” Brown said. “Bright young leaders like Gordon exemplify the intelligence and drive fostered at Ohio colleges and universities”


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The Hero Zone

What he is doing is a very rare opportunity and I wish him well. However no amount of college can prepare you for what you will continue to experience in D.C. Amid the Game of Thrones played there, I hope that he can maintain his virtues and not undermine his logic nor gut instincts when it comes to whatever he is assigned to do.

You can do much in your position, Mr. Winke, so please remember us little folk when it comes time to give advice on a policy or if you are faced with a moral dilemma.


Re: "He said he’d ultimately like to work for the U.S. State Department,"

Sad that an intelligent young man's career ambition is to become an over-compensated member of the Washington bureaucracy instead of doing something useful and honest with his life.


“It was an honor to meet with Mr. Winke,” Brown said. “Bright young leaders like Gordon exemplify the intelligence and drive fostered at Ohio colleges and universities” and we all know college campuses are a breeding ground of socialist libtards. So of course Durwood Brown will like this guy.

AJ Oliver

Hey Contang . . You've been outflanked on the right !!
Way to keep it classy "benn" - anonymously bad-mouthing someone you've never met ! Coward.


Re: "anonymously bad-mouthing someone you've never met ! Coward."

And you've personally met rbenn?


Never mentioned his name. Generalized statement on today's institutions of higher so called learning. And keep it classy? What the hell about our government is classy? Lmao nothing


ajo... rbenn is spot on correct about college campuses and public education in general.... as in common core being taught by nea members.