Sandusky Borders bookstore will close

Sandusky is losing a bookstore - but it may be getting another one.
Tom Jackson
Jul 19, 2011


Sandusky is losing a bookstore — but it may be getting another one.

The Borders bookstore chain is going out of business, which means that the Borders bookstore at Sandusky Mall will close soon. The bankrupt bookstore chain announced this week that it has given up trying to find a buyer and will liquidate instead.

A spokesman for the Cafaro Company, which owns Sandusky Mall, said the company is in talks with another bookstore chain and hopes to be able to bring in another bookstore to replace the Borders store. The name of the company can't be revealed yet, spokesman Joe Bell said.



figures. I finally start making summer money and now i have no where to buy books



althenaruby, it's cleverly concealed at the Sandusky Library website, but if you have a Sandusky Library card (or any other card from the Clevnet system) you can download a LOT of e-media for FREE at the Clevnet emedia page.




I'm sorry to hear Border's is closing although it comes as no surprise.  I love books.  I love to hold them and turn pages.  I can't imagine curling up on a cold winter day with an e-reader.  Guess I will hold on to all of my books.  I have a few hundred and one good thing about getting old and forgetful is that you can read your books again because you have forgotten what they were about. lol.


I agree tk.  I love holding my books, letting people borrow my books, and sometimes even writing little notes in them (like the definition of a word).  I'll miss Borders.  I better get out there and use my gift cards.


People still read BOOKS?

Slow corporate dinosaur killed by change (in this case, "ebook readers.) Amazon Kindle ate their lunch. Barnes and Noble was a little slow, to, but the Nook ebook reader ain't THAT bad. Borders' tardy partnership w/ too little, too late Kobo (Kobo? What's that? An ebook reader? Never heard of it. . . ) didn't help much.

2011 [my]  estimated market share:

  - Kindle , way over half

  - B&N Nook, about 1/4

  - I-Pad, maybe 10-ish

  - the rest, fragmented, who cares?


Re: The name of the propective replacement Cafaro Company can't reveal yet -

Hope it works. Here's a list of U.S. bookstores, from Wikipedia:

Barnes & Noble Book Off USA Books-A-Million Books Inc. Borders Books and Music, also operates Waldenbooks and Brentano's (Borders currently liquidating 200 stores) Deseret Book, also operates Seagull Book Follett's Half Price Books Hastings Entertainment Hudson Booksellers, chiefly located at airports and train stations Joseph-Beth Booksellers, also operates Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville and Memphis Powell's Books, which includes the world's largest independent new and used bookstore Schuler Books & Music Shakespeare and Company What are the odds it's Barnes & Noble? Half Price Books seems plausible, too, I guess. Few of us have ever heard of most of the rest.

I think folks who ask  "Do people still read books?" probably never read one..


 Libraries will be next. 


When does the going out of business sale start?


Witty, tk. It was a JOKE. Actually, I read a book once. It was a good experience. What else ya got?

Put America 1st

Hate to see Borders leave

Jimmy G

Good thing I used my gift card before they shut the doors!

Azure Ray

Actually, the question, "Do people still read books?" is one that is asked by book-readers and non book-readers alike.  People don't read books as much, they read quick headlines and articles.  Very few people have the discipline and patience to read a book anymore.  


They have so many books, that there is something for everyone, no matter what they like.  I love going to Borders, and I'm sad it's closing.  I think people are so in a rush with life today, they don't take the time to relax with a good book.  It's too bad.  Is there a definite closing date set yet?


i'm mad at the closing .... and i barely ever read a book ......... unfortunately, my wife is a bookworm ... and .... she's not happy about it. it is a nice store but i thought they went a little overboard in it's design (high ceilings, and all). a lot of wasted space to heat up (kind of like the huron library, and sandusky library, for that matter). too bad that people who enjoy reading ......  will lose this gem!


 You can get a book on Amazon in a couple of days  and its cheaper. It's the sign of the times. Haven't embraced a Kindle yet but I may not have a choice.

The Answer Person

who cares? over-priced.

The Answer Person

I guess those employees who for years have claimed they couldn't attend a social function because of working will finally be able to now that they have some time off.

6079 Smith W

Call it economic Darwinism or creative destruction.

The big box chains put the old corner mom and pop book and magazine shop out of business and Amazon helps put Borders in the commercial trash heap. No state sales tax and free shipping over $25.00. I buy most of mine used anyway.

Also, some people wander into Borders find a book, check the price on Amazon and order it there.

Who buys books? Years ago it was said that about 20% of the population buys 100% of the books.

I've also heard it said that the majority of people never read a book once they graduate high school.


Erie County Resident

I hate to see Borders close.

And as far as Cafaro "finding" another book store to replace it, no book store can go into this and expect to sell at reasonable prices. Cafaro is totally outragious with their lease charges. If Cafaro was serious about keeping the vacancies filled then stop scalping the tennants so they can afford to remain there.


What a daughter and I love to go to Borders. And I am also in the camp that likes to hold their books and turn the pages. I read every day...there's nothing like starting a new book, like a new adventure LOL. My books all come from either the bookstore, library, or annual library sales. I think I have about 8 on my nightstand I am currently reading. Although I should probably move with the times and get a Kindle (or the like), I am a die-hard for the actual paper-in-hand and will not probably get an electronic book until I am forced to LOL! 

Norma J-C

I put down a book that I was reading to come check the comments. I love books for the simplest of reasons and that is there are NO commercials. I'm fed up with the trash on tv and even trying to get a story off the net, we are forced to watch a commercial.  I love being able to stop reading, go do whatever and come back to wherever I stopped when I put the book down. I can take the book with me if I leave the house and go sit in the park to read, if I feel like it.  I can bend the corners or write notes in them and come back in a year to see if my opinions still matter. Books are a joy and there will be a new store to replace the one that is leaving and I'll bet my books on it!


I have an ideal

Since most of us that love to read sit on the couch most of the day lets try something new.  Starting August lets get a new hobby.  I think I'll start walking, couldnt hurt.  Since we Americans are the most overweight people in the world, according to an article I just read.  Who's with me?


@ lifetimeresident...I found your post kind of funny....who says because we read a lot we sit on the couch all day? I have way too much stuff to do to be sitting on the couch during the day!!

Captain Gutz

This is just another way for the government to tighten its control over media. The Nazis controlled book sales to the point of burning millions of books.

Raoul Duke

Just because Borders is closing doesn't mean that people are reading less, and certainly doesn't mean that books are going to become impossible to find all of a sudden. By the end of this decade, I believe that (new)DVDs and CDs will also be a thing of the past. But we are all welcome to keep the ones we already have. Our kids can throw them away for us after we die...


While I enjoy browsing through bookstores, I've had a Kindle since they first came out a few years ago and I LOVE IT.  @donutshopguy, no joke, embrace the Kindle.  Almost instantaneous downloads, a no-glare screen, and the books are cheaper.  And based on the books you buy, there will be a section in the Kindle Store (on the unit itself) with recommended books- that's how I have found some of my favorite authors.


I don't know that e-readers (or Cafaro rent) are entirely to blame. I suspect that a good part of the problem is the fact that too many people don't read any more. Just listen to some people talk — especially the kids still in school — and you wonder if they're getting any English instruction at ALL in the classroom let alone outside of it!

I live on my computer and on the Internet, so I have no problem with technology. I still don't have an e-reader, though, and am not inclined to get one. I LIKE having REAL books in my hands!

Maybe somebody should have explained to the little thugs and hoodlums rampant in Sandusky (and, it seems, almost everywhere else) that you can go anywhere, do anything, learn anything in a BOOK. What, pray tell, is vandalism, assault, or nuisance teaching them, hmm?

I'll miss Borders... My own hope, though, is that if it must be replaced, it's replaced with a Powells. Book lovers, if you haven't visited, DO it. They've found books I couldn't find anywhere else (out of print items), and the prices are reasonable for used books, too. Those who are big fans of non-fiction might also look up Edward E. Hamilton Bookseller. Yum!

6079 Smith W

"Giant Dollar Stores Are Among The Only Businesses That Could Take Over Borders Retail Space":



 Thats too bad.  I LOVE taking my children to that store and they LOVE going.  Costs me a fortune everytime...but, its all for the love of reading so its worth it!  What a shame,,,


I think this has very little to do with how many people are reading books these days. There are still plenty of people who enjoy reading an actual print book, including me.

However, I refuse to pay $30 for a book. There is no way. So my business is, and has been for 10 years, with


 Sam Adams - I usually agree with your comments, but blaming the lack of literacy and book reading on English instruction in schools is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard.  The 45 minutes a day that English or Reading teachers put in, 180 days a year is not to blame. Students are reading in school as much as they were years ago.  Parents today don't encourage reading, and with the emergence of new technologies, it makes it even more difficult.  When I was a kid, I did not have Facebook or video games or anything else like that to waste my time on.  My parents made me read at least one hour a day, and would make me come in early from playing outside at the end of the day if I hadn't completed my one hour of reading.  I bet if you ask a cross section of parents from our community, having their kids read a book will not be at the top of the list of things they have their kids do.  

Captain Gutz


You were lucky your parents were too cheap to buy a television.


 We had 3 televisions.  

Captain Gutz

You were lucky your parents were too cheap to have them repaired.


 Yea thank goodness for that!  They were excellent tables, though.  You know, for reading.

Captain Gutz

Yeah, you had it made!

We had to use a busted radio for a reading table, couldn't afford a busted TV.


Real Books =    electric power required at all  to read it,   well lit daylight works great. 


when is borders going to have the real deals? 10% off is not a deal....


The Cleveland Plain Dealer said that all of the stores were closing by Sept. 30. I don't think that they'll be offering deep discounts anytime soon. Borders was packed on Friday. There's not a really large incentive to drastically reduce prices yet.