Kerry warns Russia

Secretary of State threatens tougher economic sanctions if Russia fails to back down from its chaotic involvement in Ukraine
Associated Press
Apr 9, 2014


Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday threatened Russia with tougher economic sanctions if it fails to back down from its chaotic involvement in Ukraine.

"What we see from Russia is an illegal and illegitimate effort to destabilize a sovereign state and create a contrived crisis with paid operatives across an international boundary," Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Ukrainian officials said security forces drove pro-Russian protesters out of the regional government headquarters in Kharkiv and arrested about 70 of them, but demonstrators continue occupying the Donetsk regional administration in the nearby region. The protests come a month after Russia annexed the Crimea peninsula, a move the West has not recognized.

Kerry called the demonstrations a "contrived pretext for military intervention just as we saw in Crimea."

President Barack Obama and Congress have imposed sanctions on Russia in response to the annexation, and Kerry signaled the additional penalties on Russian energy, banking and mining could be imposed if Moscow fails to honor a sovereign Ukraine.

Kerry said the U.S. and European allies were united and willing to impose tough new sanctions.

Kerry said he would meet next week in Europe with Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ukrainian officials. He said Russia has a choice and can work with the international community.

"We have made it clear that Russia needs to take concrete steps to disavow separatist actions in Eastern Ukraine, pull back its forces outside the country — which they say they have begun to do with the movement of one battalion — and demonstrate that they are prepared to come to these discussions to do what is necessary to de-escalate," Kerry said.

A defiant Kerry engaged in testy exchanges with several of the Republicans on a committee he once led, defending the Obama administration's policies on Syria, the Middle East, Russia and Iran.

"On major issues, this administration is failing badly," Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told Kerry.

In a riff on President Teddy Roosevelt's famous line about speaking softly and carrying a big stick, McCain said the administration was dealing with Russia with a twig.

Kerry defended U.S. involvement in negotiations with Syria, Israel and the Palestinians and Iran.

"You declare them all dead. I don't," he told McCain. "We'll see what the verdict is."



A bunch of B.S.


Let the Ukrainian people decide their future, not our politicians. I personally believe there will be an East Ukraine and a West Ukraine divided by the Dnipr River. The East allied with Russia and the West allied with EU nations.


Keep yammering Kerry and McCain while the Fed Temple burns.

It appears that a stronger alliance is in the process of forming between Russia and China in order to hit the U.S. where it 'really' hurts - in our status as the world's reserve currency, e.g. petrodollars.

Putin is traveling to China in May and may ink a deal to sell oil and nat-gas to China while bypassing the use of petrodollars in the transactions.

"Petrodollar Alert: Putin Prepares To Announce 'Holy Grail' Gas Deal With China":

If the U.S. loses its world reserve currency status, the politicos will no longer be able to pay off ever-rising fed debt by printing increasingly inflated dollars.

Look out below!

Got gold?


It's not up to China or Russia to determine if this U.S. is not the World Reserve Currency, it's the IMF. They would never allow this.


Re: "It's not (snip)"

The IMF has no say in what currency countries use in order to trade with one another.

The USD represented 55% of global transactions in 2000, it is now 33%.

Emerging mkts. are getting tired of the U.S. exporting our fiscal mess.

Spain, France, UK and others all had their day as world reserve currencies. The U.S.' status is in deep peril.

Russia and China can harm the U.S. financially. It's not a one way street like Secy. Kerry and Pres. Obama seem to think.


You keep drinking the Kool-Aid and I'll be a realist.


Re: "realist"


Is that your synonym for ignorant?

"China aiming for 'de-Americanised world’ with renminbi replacing dollar"


FlyBoy86, there's no point in arguing with Contango. This Google/Fox News educated woman is going to believe any source that is disparaging to President Obama. Meanwhile, she has the gall to comment on every story that has to do with the economy and/or the working class while she sits at home everyday and lets her husband take care of her. Here's something to consider, Contango: I don't comment on football stories because I've never come close to stepping on a football field.

Back to the matter of the article, Contango and those like her would rather get involved in yet another military conflict that would cost this country billions of dollars, let alone the lives lost, than try to resolve the situation through sanctions and negotiations. All the while, we're being told by her type that this country can't even afford to take care of our poor or help the unemployed.

By the way, my boyfriend just told me that the world reserve currency cannot be determined by Russia or China. It is determined by importers and exporters and they would never agree to another currency because a change would decimate their trade. I tend to believe him because his line of work is determined by international trade.


"there's (snip)"


Quite a wild fantasy you've concocted there.

Re: "my boyfriend just told me that the world reserve currency cannot be determined by Russia or China."

True. Not by themselves.

But when the world eventually loses faith in the dollar due to our high amount of accumulated federal debt, whose currency is going to replace it?

So ask your "boyfriend" why Spain, France, the UK and others are no longer the world's reserve currency and why some Mideast countries have dumped or would like to dump the petrodollar and get back to me.

The Big Dog's back

Shot down again pooh.


Look up BRIC. Guess you haven't heard the US is on the way down and they are on the way up. That's what you get when you have out of control spending that is just printed up fiat currency.
Our little green pieces of paper are things the rest of the world is moving away from.


What exactly does that mean...oBUMa will give more money to Ukraine, which then ends up in Russia. The involvement of the USA in this is reprehensible.

Stop It

I wonder what Russia (and the rest of the world) would think if we "liberated" Cuba and called it part of the USA? lol...(stirrin' crap in the pee pot)

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John "spitballs" Kerry. At least he's consistent.


Yeah pooh like you ever did anything. Blooooooo..........


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Dr. Information

Stunted child birth and suffering for little mans syndrome. Don't worry about this kurt. They post the most irrational things most of the time. If im right, he must be a product of the generation that did way to many drugs for way to long and only has a couple connections left in their brain.

Dr. Information

Google all you want. The American dollar has lost a ton of buying power. Fact is many countries are dumping the American dollar for hard assets.

If you cannot accept the facts, then why comment?