Boil advisory for Southgate Acres

Water main breaks on Didion Drive
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 23, 2014


A boil advisory is in effect until 8 p.m. Monday for residents of the Southgate Acres subdivision in Perkins Township.

Residents in the Southgate Acres neighborhood should boil their water for 1-2 minutes before consumption. It is recommended that water used for brushing teeth should also be boiled. Water can be used for showers, baths and flushing toilets.

Call the Erie County Water Division at 419-627-7666 for more information.



1) Assume it's 419, not 4129
2) when you call, you get a recording asking you to leave a message
3) where exactly is Southgate Acres? Can you give some boundaries please? Other surrounding areas were also affected by this break.


Southgate Acres is the area around Furry Elementary. It is the streets between Birchwood Drive and Strub Road from Columbus Avenue.


How can they have school?

County Resident

Thank you BabyCakes - only lived here 18+ years - so wasn't sure where that was.


Southgate Acres includes Didion Drive, Donair Drive, Randal Drive, Hoffman Drive, Kay Circle, Douglas Drive, Meadow Lane.


Built a house on Douglas in 1962. I was from out of town and didn't know the Quarry was there. Got up one morning when the wind was right and almost passed out. My neighbor said, "Boy are you stupid " The house blew up on Randal, as Didion was building mine. It might have been 1961,I am sure some of you remember !