Mom: Huron teen jumped by group of 15

About 15 teens or young men brutally beat a 17-year-old boy Friday at Huron River Fest, according to police and the victim's mother.
Emil Whitis
Jul 15, 2011

About 15 teens or young men brutally beat a 17-year-old boy Friday at Huron River Fest, according to police and the victim's mother.

Even after beating Nathaniel Enderly unconscious, the assailants didn't stop until a woman called police.

Immediately after the attack — at about 10:30 p.m. — a retired U.S. Marine found Enderly lying face-down on the pavement in the 200 block of Williams St., a police report said.

Enderly had stopped breathing, so the Marine performed a "chest manipulation" on his lungs to start him breathing again, said Melissa Baker, Enderly's mother.

Huron police and firefighters arrived at the scene and stabilized Enderly before taking him to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Doctors used five stitches to seal a wound on Enderly's chin, and six stitches for a cut on his nose. He was also treated for a concussion, Baker said.

"He's getting better, but he's still kind of out of it," Baker said. "Doctors told us it's pretty normal for someone who's recovering from a concussion."

The fight was likely the boiling point in a long-running feud between two groups of teenage boys — one group from Sandusky, the other from Huron, Baker said.


Come On Sandusky

Well a mother gets jumped in Sandusky for protecting her children and now a yound boy gets jumped between a group of Huron boys and Sandusky boys. Wonder why only boy from Huron got yes once again JUMPED?! Oh yeah bc Sandusky has a crap full of COWARDS. Cant anyone in this city fight one on one, or better yet walk away from a fight?



Sandumpy's trash is now spilling over into Huron.......NIH


In no way does this make this right, but groups of boys have been fighting forever. When I was young it was Perkins against Sandusky. Margaretta against Perkins etc. So it is not just a Sandusky thing.

I hope the young man will recover completely and I hope he turns in the names of the attackers because they could have killed him. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned fight where you got a black eye and a swollen lip. Now they have to beat each other unconsious and then keep beating him?


Sandusky is nothing but a trash filled dump full of low lifes. 


Yep. All of 44870. Trash. Perkins2060 is trash also.

wiredmama222 you live or think you live in an area that is any different?  PLEASE!  It isn't location it is the lack of parenting. 


I see my internet stalker is back.  So sorry you couldn't get out before the bubble bursted cracker.

my oh my

I was at the riverfest last weekend and it is right back to where it was before. A drunk fest with cops walking around turning a blind eye to several incidents which I witnessed firsthand to be violations of the law.............NO MORE RIVERFEST!!!!!!!!   

Amerian Dad

In no way is this acceptable! But it's typical. No pride, no heart, no structure with these young men. In our history there have always been rivalries. Its just that back in the day, the two having differences, settled it between them.......
This far from over. Now the group of boys from Huron will more than likely seek some sort of retaliation. I hope the young man recovers and listens to a previous post, turn the punks this doesn't happen again, only somewhere else.
And for u Huronites, this isn't a Sandusky issue. Apparently your uppity class community has there own thug problem that has clashed w/thugs from Sandusky. Don't condemn Sandusky's problem, until u clean up your own!


I  totally agree with you. This has to stop.  Just look at the facts.   There is an overcrowding in jails.  Kids LIVE to fight anymore and those who do not are the prey.  Someone....and I mean parents....have grown less responsible for their offspring.  Want an eye opening experience....try teaching.  You get to see the lack of caring by parents and the atmosphere of youth close up and personal.  These are the people who one day will care for scary is that? 


The problem is NOT location (city) but the fact that these kids feel free to beat up another kid.  Whyt  is this?  Does it go back to lack of respect for one's fellow man?  I think it does.  Some parents have no control over their kids and turn a blind eye to what they do and who they hang with. 

Kids seem to just do as they please and want without a care.  We are guilty of not raising this generation only observing them.  What happened to parental control?  Why all these gangs and these shooting?  Because parents are not parents any more.  They simple give up because it is hard to raise a kid without an effort, it takes to put them on and keep them on the right path.  Some parents are not willing to assume that responsiblity. 

When parents stop caring more about their own lives than those of their kids, maybe...just maybe...this kind of thing would stop. 

Just a thought. 

Mime Bloggling's picture
Mime Bloggling

I hope they find the cowards. Beating someone senseless deserves extended jail time. I'm wondering if Nathaniel's name is spelled Enderle? Well-known family name in Huron. Good people. Thank you Nathaniel for being such a Good Samaritan and coming to this young man's rescue. ^5

I agree.....we need to get rid of the beer booths. You can do better Huron.


Let me start this off firstly by saying I feel bad for this boy and i wish him the best, may the kids who did this get caught and taught a lesson. Also growing up in sandusky we had these type of spats often maybe not to this serious of a beating but we often fought perkins/huron kids because for some reason they thought they were better for us. Perkins 2060 prolly was there parents and i see why they thought that now. i love perkins people who think that there better then sandusky people there so ignorant and think because they live in perkins there excluded from "us". Perkins is better then Sandusky why?? they have less people? They have better education? They are "better parents"? man that silver spoon must have tasted good growing up. Sandusky is going down hill for many reason and its starts with our youth. That is correct is that the lack of parenting? Lack of activities to occupy them? Seems society is turning there back on us. I for one worked with under privilaged kids in the sandusky area when there was a budget for that seems like money dried up for that so it would only make sense that crime would be more active in sandusky then all mighty perkins but its people like perkins 2060 that fuel the fire instead of trying to put it out...


I'm a little confused.  Did the fight actually occur at Riverfest or outside of Riverfest on Williams St. where the unconcscious boy was found?  Williams St. is a block over from Riverfest.  I find it hard to believe that 15 guys beat up on one that badly at Riverfest.  Cops are all over and while they overlook some things, they would not have overlooked that.  Then again, I guess something like that would happen quickly.  


I agree, Perkins is much better than Sandusky.  Sandusky is trash and cracker sounds like a classy one.


You people are a lot dumber than you sound if you think for one minute that Perkins isn't better than Sandumpy.


Sparkling Wiggles


We were actually stopped when we heard a man yell.. Man this kid was just jumped by a bunch of kids.. then the group reappeared and the guy told them the cops were coming.  Glad to see the Huron Police and squad appear before we even hit the next light.  There are juvenile problems all over, its time the courts stop hand slapping them and let them learn a lesson.  We never had this kind of problem, it stems from upbringing within the kids homes.  Thanks to the man who didnt leave this kids side, he could have very well walked away.  Thumbs up to good citizens still out there.


 The Huron Riverfest has turned into 1 big drunk fest, garbage fest, bathroom fest, litter fest with noone gaining in Huron except for bars. The town turns into 1 big dumpster with beer cans, cigarette butts, diapers,(yes diapers!) littered all over. You can't find a parking place because everyone is charging including what is suppose to be 'public' parking.

There is always trouble most of which goes unreported because by the time you make the call to the police the trouble makers have left. So for 3 days of 'hell' most residents have to endure. Its just not worth it..It is set in too small an area. Its a nice area but not suffecient for a fair. 

Hurons fair needs to be where it can handle the volume of people and traffic flow. The Boat Basin is just too small. Huron Boat Basin has all kinds of other festivals that people can enjoy without all the problems.


@ Mime Bloggling:  I am aware of an incident where a man was attacked, knocked unconcious, suffered brain bleeds, spent 1 week in intensive care, another week in step-down care, and 4 1/2 years later is still unable to work.  Our wonderful justice system gave the convicted felon, 3 years probation!  Yes, right here in Judge Tone's court.  Go figure!


my2cents-lots of local non profit groups raise money at Riverfest, so it isn't just the bars that benefit.


Any description of these Sandusky kids?  Height, weight, color?  Please advise so we can keep on the look out.


Your a joke perkins2060 thanks for my laughter for the afternoon.We should just put a great wall of perkins ave up.


I like that wall idea.  Great way to keep the trash out of Perkins and north of Perkins Ave.


I dont understand what the group of kids get out of it.  They cant even act hard because it took 15 of them to beat up 1!  "Yeah I beat the shit out this boy, me and my 14 friends"  Right...your scary. 


all you pepole on here are down talking sandusky are  are dumb beacause the diffrence  between san dusky and perkins is the nice houses and and big yards  i went to perkins  and there where two gangs the 8 ball crips and th white knights and there where fights all the time between them and also fights with sandusky huron margeretta  its even a gang in huron now and in margaretta  even norwalk had a story on their gang problem  and what about the young black teen that was jumped  at river fest i dont see that in the paper  i have a feeling that this isnt some random act of violence  im not saying its right put come on pepole look at the whole picture


Everyone knows why
Perkins (or Huron) is a better place . . .
Nicer trailer parks.

Amerian Dad

A man is killed behind the Sandusky Mall about 23 years ago, where, Perkins twp...... Man stabbed at mexican restaurant, where, Perkins twp......fights constsantly at the Punp, where, Perkins twp......JFS Director arrested for Rape, where does he live, Perkins twp.....these are just a few examples.....yep Perkins2060, Perkins is just so much better and has more quality people......there is no community beyond reproach!!!!! It's not where u live, it's a people issue!


Look at all the wars and how evenly they are matched.  We are taught subliminally from a young age if you can't win on your own; just get some allies to help you squash the competition.  I would argue jumping people is the American thing to do.


All of those scum bags are from areas other than Perkins.  Voltz grew up on 5th street and went to St. Mary's.  Build the wall to keep this trash out of our Township!