‘Night at the Races’ set for March 29

The Danbury Laker Athletic Boosters will host its first annual “Night at the Races” March 29
Feb 17, 2014


Proceeds benefit the various Danbury teams, helping them purchase uniforms and equipment, as well as paying for camps and other activities.
Tickets, $20 apiece, will get you dinner, snacks, beer and other beverages. Individuals can bet on video horse races, and the event will also feature 50/50 raffles and other raffles.

Supporters can purchase and name horses for $15. Winners receive a prize of $30 and a trophy. Sponsorships and horse purchases are due by March 15.

For more information call Bill Chapman at 419-573-2214 or Drew Davie at 419-798-4037. Email the boosters atlakerathleticboosters@yahoo.com .