Ohio 2 to get ‘nip tuck’

Plan will preserve pavement from Huron to the Edison Bridge
Andy Ouriel
Feb 6, 2014


State transportation workers got the go ahead from numerous local officials to improve a main highway. Here are the major details, provided by state transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers, pertaining to the project:

•WHAT: Improvements along Ohio 2 to prolong the asphalt’s life.

•WHERE: The upgrades span a 16-mile stretch on the highway from the Rye Beach Road exit in Huron to the Erie County border on the Edison Bridge in Margaretta Township.

•WHEN: The enhancements should begin and end in 2021. State workers plan several years before a project begins to reserve funds for it. Some lane restrictions will occur.

•WHY: Mostly for preventive maintenance.

•HOW: A contractor will apply a thin layer of asphalt overlay over the existing pavement in order to extend the road’s life.

•HOW MUCH: The estimated cost should total about $6.1 million, all paid with state funds. Local taxpayers aren’t directly contributing any money toward this project.

•ASK: The state needed permission from officials representing Margaretta Township, Sandusky, Perkins Township, Huron Township and possibly others to ensure they could do the work. The highway spans through these political subdivisions.



Sounds like a bottle neck at 250


I'll plan for this...7 years from now.


Ohio 2 needs more than a nip, tuck. It needs widened, repaved in areas and more turn lanes inserted.


... and how about getting that east side Edison Bridge info sign working. I need to know how many minutes it is to 163. Wish ODOT would fix the webcams, they do come in handy and since we're paying for them ... just sayin'.

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What ever happened to that section of 2 that was marked (Test pavement) I think it was east of Huron?