Police: Fatal shooting likely suicide

Perkins police still investigating, but no foul play suspected in Columbus Avenue death Wednesday night
Andy Ouriel
Feb 6, 2014


A fatal shooting inside a Columbus Avenue home late Wednesday was likely a suicide, Perkins police said.

“There’s no indication there was any type of foul play,” Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said. “But we’re doing everything we can to determine that’s what happened.”

The victim was pronounced dead at Firelands Regional Medical Center at about 11 p.m.

Police and paramedics went to the home, at the corner of Cedar Brook Lane and Columbus Avenue, at about 9 p.m., after dispatchers received a call about a man who sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

At the scene, paramedics were seen performing chest compressions on the victim, who was motionless on a stretcher prior to being loaded into the ambulance and taken to the hospital. 

Klamar did not provide names of those involved, although he said no one had been arrested.

A woman and two children were taken to the police station for questioning.

“We will hear what the witnesses have to say,” Klamar said. “At this point, all we know was it was just him and her in the bedroom and the kids in another room. The kids heard the shot. The mom shut the doors, presumably because she didn’t want anyone to see.”

The victim apparently shot himself with a semiautomatic handgun, police said, and the bullet exited his head and went through the home’s front window.

There are no homes in front of the house, so police do not suspect the bullet did any further damage. 



Saying prayers for the family on this tragedy.


Prayers go out to the family. So sad :(


My goodness what a tragedy. Its comforting knowing no additional people were hurt.

Simple Enough II

Wow, what circumstances would it be that you would commit suicide in front of your spouse in the same house with your children present also?


......but did the County Coroner go to the scene?


So it looks like the SR would rather kill the story than answer a simple question.


(Whether the person died in the hospital is totally irrelevant to the question, and you know it.)


..........and please, Matt, no lectures about the integrity of other professions if this is your journalistic integrity.

Seen it All

The county coroner goes "to the scene" to PRONOUNCE someone dead. As a detective from the sheriff's office or an EMT is not authorized to do so. (That, at least is my understanding of how it works) I know he came to my home when a family member passed away, and it didn't look like foul play was involved. I don't think he is required to go to the hospital, as there are MEDICAL DOCTORS who can pronounce him dead. Now it would be up to the detectives of Perkins to do a thorough investigation.


I agree with everything you said seen it all!! My step Grandfather died in his sleep in his rocking chair some years back and I can remember us having to wait until the coroner came to "pronounce" his death since he died at home. Turducken,the only thing that is different in this case than than Jake Limberios' is that we are not in Sandusky County, so I am resting assured this case will be investigated properly and thoroughly! I didn't read anything about the woman or children at the scene being allowed to change clothes and throw the bloody ones away, the police and paramedics have already figured out where exactly the bullet went, "out the window," and the witnesses were taken directly to the police station for questioning. Sounds like MAYBE the guy might have still possibly been clinically alive if the ems was doing CPR and such, but nobody knows for sure but them! When he was taken to the hospital where Dr.'s probably discovered there was no saving him, they called the death, NOT the coroner over the PHONE!!! Stop trying to stir the pot and compare this to the Limberios case where we ALL KNOW EVERYTHING was screwed up, messed up, and covered up from the very moment Jake walked into the home where he died!!!


I'm just pointing out an inconsistency. Dr. Wukie has been crucified in this newspaper for basing his opinion on what he was told by law enforcement and not actually going to the scene of an apparent firearms suicide. He had no idea whether the deputies who responded had done a thorough job of investigating. He assumed the witness interviews were done competently. I feel nothing but compassion for the family of this man in Perkins Twp., I pray for healing from the emotional injuries they must be experiencing. But, hypothetically, how does the Erie County Coroner know that the witnesses were not involved, and decides not to conduct his own, at the scene, investigation? I'm NOT being critical of Dr. Baxter; I'm pointing out the inconsistency of the SR.


Turduckenbreath, this was a tragedy not something to mock! If you read the article is states the man died at the hospital so the coroner probably did not show up on scene but I'm sure this will warrant further investigation as they already questioned the wife and children! Prayers to the families involved, hoping this man's wife and children well find the peace needed to get through this!


I don't think he is mocking, just asking what seems a valid question in light of the Limbrose case. However, given he wasn't pronounced dead at the scene, his question is irrelevant.

My thoughts and prayers to the family members of all those affected


If this is who I think it is about. I know these people. The couple was not married and the children were not his children but none the less a very sad and traumatizing thing to have to witness and they are all in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


Maybe you're thinking of somebody else, or maybe you actually didn't know this family as well as you think you did. But either way you are completely wrong on your facts!!! It is extremely disrespectful (if you knew them or not) to make such a comment after the family has suffered a tragedy like this. Next time you "think" you Know somebody I would "think" twice (if you actually can) before posting any comments!!! Many Prayers to the family!!!!


whether or not the couple were married and these were his children or not the trauma to all involved was/is tragic. I can't imagine what they must all be going thru. My thoughts and prayer go out to all of them at this time

Amythe K

This is a tragedy.I'm sorry for the family and his beautiful daughter. He will be kissed by many who loved him dearly.

Amythe K

*missed that would be