Black History Month has many offerings

“You can’t forget your history, and you can’t forget your black history. There are a lot of things the black population has gained over the last 100 years”
Andy Ouriel
Feb 3, 2014
Area activists want to ensure community members remember the accomplishments, through sacrifices and struggles, countless blacks made to help achieve equality and progress.

So school administrators, church leaders and others scheduled several Black History Month events occurring through the next four weeks.

All events are free to attend and aim to both educate and entertain attendees, said Jim Jackson, president of the NAACP’s chapter in Sandusky.

“When you forget your history, it’s doomed to repeat itself,” Jackson said. “You can’t forget your history, and you can’t forget your black history. There are a lot of things the black population has gained over the last 100 years”

List of local Black History Month events

• Different times today through Thursday: West African drumming and stilt dancing programs in various schools, including Hancock Elementary (Sandusky), Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies, formerly Jackson Junior High (Sandusky), Shawnee Elementary (Huron), Edison Elementary (Milan), South Central Elementary (Greenwich) and League Elementary (Norwalk). Call Firelands Symphony Orchestra at 419-621-4800 for more information.

• All school day Friday: Black Expo featuring historically black colleges at Sandusky High School auxiliary gym.

• 1 p.m. Feb. 13: Gospel choir at Mills Elementary School (Sandusky).

• 9:30 a.m. to noon Feb. 15: Youth prayer breakfast for black history, Agape Love Ministries, International, 4013 Columbus Ave., Perkins Township.

• During school day Feb. 18: Gospel choir at Venice Heights Elementary School (Sandusky).

• During school day, Feb. 21: Gospel choir at Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies, formerly Jackson Junior High (Sandusky).

• 3:30 p.m. Feb. 23: Black youth history program at Cornerstone Baptist Church, 2515 Columbus Ave, Sandusky.

• 4 p.m. Feb. 23: Black youth history presentation program at New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Shelby Street, Sandusky.

• 8:30 a.m. Feb. 25: Black history assembly at Sandusky High School auditorium.

• 1 p.m. Feb. 27: Black History fair at Venice Heights Elementary School (Sandusky).

• 1:30 p.m. Feb. 28: Gospel choir at Meadowlawn Intermediate School gym (Perkins).

• 2:30 p.m. Feb. 28: Black History Month assemble at Perkins High School.

• During school day Feb. 28: Black History Month assembly at Briar Middle School.

• All month: Students at Mills Elementary School (Sandusky) to incorporate Black History Month into their reading and history curriculums. Students will also pay homage to black culture by creating “unwritten love letters” and discussing the Civil Rights Movement’s significance. In the school’s lobby, there will be “Henry’s Freedom Box,” which students can sit inside. Based on a true story, a slave mailed himself to the north — while inside the box — so he could become free.

• All month: Students at Osborne Elementary (Sandusky) will read books about black history.

• All month: Students at Ontario Elementary (Sandusky) will incorporate black history through reading, exercise and music. Each grade will also be assigned a specific project on black history.

• All month: Teachers of individual classes at Furry Elementary (Perkins) will present lessons about black history.

• 6 p.m. March 1: Annual Pageant and Community Celebration at Perkins High School auditorium, sponsored by the Perkins High School Confederation for the Betterment of Black Students.

Don’t see your event? Let us know what when and where your Black History Month is by sending an email to  or by calling 419-609-5857.



I forget, when is White History month? And when did history become black history or white history or yellow history or what have you? It is history, plain and simple.

Matt Westerhold

March through January, each year, is white history months. 

Darwin's choice

Really Matt? And during that entire time, no black history? Huh! I guess everyones been missing that....


Wow I expected a little better Matt, most ridiculous comment to date from you.


Re: "March through January, each year, is (sic) white history months."

Nope. Kinda cliche don't you think?

"List of commemorative months":


@ Matt
Thank you!


thank you for what? Making an ignorant statement?

Dr. Information

@matt. You have to be the most ignorant person on here.


Thank you for pointing out the obvious to the three stooges!


Re: "the three stooges"

Why do you hate Jews?


WTH are you talking about? Nevermind!


Re: "WTH are you talking about?"

What ethnicity were the Three Stooges derpy? Duh.


LOL! The three stooges were characters/actors. Who cares what ethnicity they were? They were WHITE guys. You don't have to be white to be a Jew do you?


Re: "Who cares what ethnicity they were?"

Again: Why do you hate Jews?


When I went to school in the 50's we studied two histories American History and World History. History at that time consisted of the events that actually happened not like today it seems history now is edited so that it is politically correct.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

This was a disappointing comment.


8ballinthesidepocket says : " I forget, when is White History month?"

Maybe it will come after congress forms a white caucus well I do not think they can as that would be racist.

mimi's word

I would like to see maybe not white history but a emphasis on individual ethnicities...Italian, Irish, Indian, Native American etc. Maybe if we can learn to appreciate our differences we can see how we are the same. But in response to the idea of no white history I loved this line from Braveheart…”History was written by those who hanged heroes” It is all in what story you believe.


The true racists are those who would choose to separate "black" history from "white" history. Does being black and making history somehow make you greater (or lesser) than being white and making history? I agree that those who contribute great things and which impact our collective future — positively or negatively — should be remembered. But those accomplishments stand on their own. Bad people aren't bad because they're black. Some of the worst men in history have been white or Asian! But contributions to science, politics, or peace haven't been made because of skin color, either.

Nobody deserves to be either proud or ashamed of their skin color. It is what it is, and none of us had any say in it. The same is true of history. Race makes no difference when it comes to the best or the worst in humanity.


This has nothing to do with racism. Teaching someone about their history is not racist.


Black History Month is not a separation of black history and white history; it's celebration of black history. I agree with deertracker, it has nothing to do with racism. On the other hand, denying the right of blacks and others to celebrate a Black History Month just might be racism.


so miss white america is ok? United white boy college fund? National Association for the Advancement of white people? White Caucus? White entertainment tv? All ridiculous but all would be considered racist.


That's a fair question rbenn.

No blacks were allowed in the Miss America Pageant until 1970. The pageant was started in 1920.

The Black Miss America Pageant started in 1967. The UNCF was started in 1944. NAACP founded in 1909. Black Caucus was formed in 1969. All times when blacks were 2nd class citizens.


Will the gospel choirs be singing gospel hymns in a public school ??

Personally I do feel it is OK but was just curious as there are many persons that I feel would object


When is Native American History month?


November. It's been that way since 1990. Black History Month has officially been recognized by the US government since 1976. The more you know...


March 17 national Irish cracker day


Crackers forever


This month has got to be the biggest race card pulled I know of. Want racial equality? Then quit emphasizing black or white. We're all humans here. Color has nothing to do with it. It's people who believe the world owes them something because of their ancestors' troubles. Ridiculous. This is exactly why racism still exists and will always exist.


Snap out of it Haters. This is about teaching Blacks, especially young Blacks about their history. That's all. It would serve some of you well to learn a few things. Black History is not just about slavery, civil rights or racism. Black men and black women contributed greatly to society but were not always recognized for it. This is about empowerment. Some of you just want to forget or ignore history. Why? No one can deny that Blacks have a very different history than Whites or any other ethnicity and I see nothing wrong with learning about one's history. You can't change history but you can learn from it! Try it!