Huge catch

Angler lands monster walleye from Lake Erie
Alex Green
Jan 26, 2014


Last weekend, John Gillespie descended on the Port Clinton area to film an episode for his television show, “John Gillespie’s Waters and Woods”

He ended up with not just a fish tale, but the monstrous fish to go with it.

Gillespie’s Jan. 19 catch on the Lake Erie ice will be the envy of Midwestern anglers near and far.

“It’s the biggest walleye I’ve ever caught,” Gillespie said in an interview with the Register this week.

On his Facebook page, and on his show’s website, , he posted a photo of himself smiling wide as he holds the gargantuan creature.

The fish’s final stats: 32 inches, 12 pounds.

It’ll be featured on Gillespie’s television show, a 52-week program that takes him to the best fishing hotspots in the Midwest. It airs on Comcast Sportsnet in Indiana and Illinois, as well as other sporting networks in North Dakota and Minnesota. Eventually the episodes are posted on his website, too.

He has already posted a preview of his Lake Erie and Port Clinton expedition. It features a slew of fishermen hunkered down in shanties on the lake ice, their lines dropped through holes as they wait for a bite. During last weekend’s adventure, Gillespie was guided by local Capt. Mike Patterson, who leads fishing trips all year. The group of fishermen started in Port Clinton, then headed onto the frozen lake before ending up between the islands and mainland.

“We located the big fish about five days before (Gillespie) got here,” Patterson said.

Patterson treated the icy expedition the same as any other, even though Gillespie is well-known in the industry.

“We try to treat him like anyone else” Patterson said. “We try to put him on the best fish we can”

Patterson steered his fishing companions right. At about noon that day, Gillespie felt the monster strike his hook.

“There’s nothing more exciting than that feeling, knowing the walleye is hooked” Gillespie said.

As Gillespie coaxed the walleye up through the hole in the ice, Patterson dipped his bare hands into the frigid water and pulled up the fish.

The walleye was one of about 40 caught that day.

The others were much smaller than this.


From the Grave

My. That's a big one.

Good 2 B Me

That's what she said!


hmmm. since you can only make a hole 12"x12" in the ice that's a pretty big fish to catch and drag through the hole and isn't it amazing that all the fisherman that live here and come here walleye fishing every year couldn't catch one this big and here he comes to do his show and low and behold he catches the biggest walleye. hmmmmmmm


Flown in from New York

4-wheeler al

in 2002 nickel plate pier in Oct. at night I got one 14.6 lbs. that was 35 inches. the bait store by Huron pier weigh it and check length Ohio sent me fish Ohio pin.


Take it down to New sandusky fish company and have them make it into some walleye sandwiches. Yum!


The impressive part of the story is that it came through the ice. As an avid fisherman and tournament angler I have seen numerous fish much larger than this. This year alone I have seen a 13.1 and a 14. Because the captain was trying to promote his business that's why it made the news. This has been all over the internet.


I agree, my Uncle had a great bait store/charter,ice guide business in Ottawa county years ago. We used to get 12-15 pounders every winter!! The bait store still bears his name. He is passed away now but I still love the memories..God Bless PS- when I was 11 as a first mate, he let me pilot the boat!! Beautiful classic Bertram...wish I had that now!!