Resort offers arctic activities

“The next two weeks will be the best weeks of the year"
Tom Jackson
Jan 26, 2014


Erie County has a new attraction, but don’t wait until the spring to check it out. Sawmill Creek Resort has launched its new ice skating rink on a pond next to Mulligan’s Pub on its golf course.
The resort is charging $5 to skate on the pond, with $3 rentals for people who need skates.    
It’s also inviting people to try snowshoeing or cross country skiing, although there are no skis to rent.

Sawmill Creek owner Greg Hill had planned to launch the ice skating venture two winters ago, but the weather turned out to be too warm. Last winter was also too warm, but the cold snaps this winter finally gave him his opportunity.

Want to go?
Ice skating pond, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.
WHERE: Sawmill Creek Resort.
HOURS: 3-9 p.m. weekdays; noon to 9 p.m. weekends
COST: $5 ice skating admission; $3 skate rental; $4 snowshoeing trail fee; $5 snowshoe rental; $4 cross-country skiing (bring your own skis)

With the forecast calling for continued cold weather, Hill figures he’ll be able to offer ice skating awhile longer.

“The next two weeks will be the best weeks of the year” Hill said. “It looks like it will stay cold for two weeks.

“We shovel the snow off every day and try to lay down a little more water” he said.

Lake Erie Shores and Islands has been doing its best to let people know about Sawmill Creek’s new winter offering, said Joan Van Offeren, executive director of the visitor center.

“We’ve been promoting it through Twitter and Facebook and our digital sign in front of our office,” Van Offeren said.

The visitor center plans to obtain photographs for its website, she said.

“I grew up getting a new pair of ice skates every year,” Van Offeren said. “That’s something we did as kids and I love the concept”

It’s helpful for the visitor center to have something else to promote in the winter.

“We do still have a little bit of a challenge in that respect,” she said. “It’s something we can have that’s a little bit unique to our area”


looking around

Great to see the kid's playing ice pond hockey! Put some lights on it for evening skating party's and sell lots of hot chocolate and chili in the pub! Keep the snowmobiles off the greens ;)