Glitch halts license process

Some people this past week can’t seem to get their driving licenses at local Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 10, 2014


But it’s not because drivers are flunking road tests after failing to parallel park. Rather, the software programming laminated licenses hasn’t worked in days.
Bureau offices across Ohio are experiencing difficulties distributing licenses, agency spokeswoman Lindsey Bohrer said. This would include the office located in Sandusky on Cleveland Road.
“It’s a statewide problem,” Bohrer said. “We have been experiencing some glitches in our system. Since Monday, we have been down a good portion of the day.
Since then, it’s been hit or miss” Motorists can still receive valid licenses in the form of paper certificates certified by state officials.
“In our worst-case scenario, we are handing out letters to them so people aren’t penalized if they get pulled over” she said. Bohrer said there’s no timeframe to fix the software. “We’re working on it to get it restored as soon as possible,” she said.


Licorice Schtick

Maybe it's the little-known Y2K14 virus.

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Professor Playdoh

ObamaCare screwed it up..


Computers , Dont you just love to hate them ? lol


George W. Bush did it. Governor Kasich only inherited the problem.

The Big Dog's back


The Big Dog's back

Maybe Obama had the NSA do it.