Portion of First Street closed to most vehicles today

All emergency vehicles allowed on street
Andy Ouriel
Jan 8, 2014


First Street, between Wildman Street and Cedar Point Drive, will be closed today for an unknown reason.

Only emergency vehicles are allowed on this stretch of street.

The road should reopen today.


The Bizness

Construction is probably the reason


Hmmm wonder why the SR can't get an definite answer on this? Someone from the City must have told SR the stretch was close but can't say why?


Uhh, this is NOT NEWS. it's been closed off and on since the put the STREET CLOSED signs up about a month ago.
But I think there was a water main break this morning.


Well then don't ya think the City contact should have said "due to a water main break?


No, the street was already scheduled to be closed. Like I said, it's NOT news.


That's funny bc i live on first street and cars are goin up and down the street. And they havent started construction